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Lucid Dreaming and WoT


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First of all, Hello Everyone.


I was checking out the forums and can't find where this might have already been posted so if you have a link, please share.


I've read the series a couple of times then moved onto to other books. I find that there are a lot of similarities between the World of Dreams mentioned by RJ and what is described in other reading on totally different subjects such as "the Teachings of Don Juan".

Things like:

- You take control of the dream and guide it.

- You can be hurt or serious things can happen in the dream state.

- There are those that monitor this domain.

- You can explore places you have never been.

- You can meet people in the domain, talk with them and such.


Has one else come across this?



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I realize the world of dreams isn't new.

I haven't come across another author who goes into depth as much on the subject when the book isn't geared for that subject.

When I'm reading "Don Juan", I'm expecting to come across that type of material since he's an Indian medicine man and the same with books that are labeled "New Age". If you plug in "lucid dreaming" into your favorite search engine and spend a few minuets looking into techiniques and reading experiences, it's uncanny how close it resembles what RJ writes (IMO).

RJ is the only one I can think of that goes into such depth on the topic while he's writing fantasy. If you combined his writings on the world of dreams (don't have my books so don't know the spelling), they would make quite an impressive book on lucid dreaming.

As posted all over the forums, RJ blends in myths and legends from a lot of cultures into his book. He goes even further with the Dreams and how to take control of them.

I was looking to see if someone else had expanded on this subject or had some insights.

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