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My thread in the pattern...


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Greetings members of Dragonmount!


It's been a long time since I was a member myself.  I believe the old message board system went down sometime after KoD.  I had an account at that time and never bothered to recreate it, until now.  Thanks to Kevin Dean for manually activating my account as I was unable to receive the activation code via email. 


As you all are, I too am pumped about the upcoming release of TGS.  It's been a long sad time since the last book and the death of RJ.  I am so glad to see the torch being passed to BS.  It is wonderful that Harriet is ensuring that RJ's legacy is completed.


A number of years ago, there was an online trivia contest for the release of book 10 I believe.  I was one of the top 50 responders and got my commemorative snake-wheel symbol metal bookmark.  Maybe I was just lucky as the servers seemed to buckle underneath the weight of all the responses, but I hope that I am good enough with my trivia to be a good conversationalist on these forums. 


I look forward to talking with you all!



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Thanks for the warm welcomes. 


The upcoming release of TGS will be new material for us all.  Together we should be able to draw some useful conclusions.  I hope Sanderson's use of symbolism and metaphor fits in well with what Jordan has already put into place.  I preordered TGS with a gift card I won from the coke rewards program. 


As for any great knowledge I may have...  13depository.blogspot.com has some wonderful essay's I enjoy reading and http://www.encyclopaedia-wot.org is an awesome reference.  I expect most of the members of Dragonmount are familiar with both.

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