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Howdy Folks,


I have randomly been browsing the site and keeping myself up to date on the eventual release of TGS since I finished KoD right after it came out. I began reading WoT probably 8 years ago and am now reading through it for the third time, currently ending Crossroads of Twilight.


I have run into one problem while reading the series this time through. While reading Fires of Heaven, there was a print error in the book I had purchased. Since I do not have the book with me I can not be exact but pages 200 and 209 or 211, I believe, are the same page. The beginning of chapter 9 "A Signal" with Elanye and Nyneave, was reprinted and caused me to miss out on a whole page of reading.


I was wondering if it's possible for someone to maybe scan a copy or send an electronic copy of maybe a couple pages before and after this page, or the whole chapter? I have the paperback copy. I checked the local bookstores and libraries to see if I could get another copy or even just read it in the store but no one had the correct print.




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