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Returning WY characer- No CC needed


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Eye Color: Blue

Hair Color: Black

Height: 6'2

Weight: 225

Age: 43

Place of Origin: Tear






Rank: Tower Guard

Weapon Score: 10

Philosophy: The Flame and the Void

Primary Weapon: Quarterstaff

Secondary Weapon: Sabre

Tertiary Weapon: Long Bow





When he arrived to the yard, he was a wrecked 16 years old boy who had lost his girlfriend. He was given a mentor to train him into a skilled warrior, and his mentor's name was "Jared Damodred" His training began with choosing his weapons. His mentor was pleased when he choose the quarter staff instead of a sword, and as time went by he got better and better with the staff and got to know new people. When he was promoted to towerguard, one of his goals were completed and his main was getting closer everyday. One day he got his first trainee, and it was a very young girl who did indeed had what it took to become a towerguard. Her name was "Alecta" It didn't took long time before sh was as good as him as a sword man.

After a while he got his second trainee "Urien" and that was to be a good learning for him. He had already started his own training in the way of ren'shai. And they became good friends also outside of training.


Updated history:



Now an 43 year old tower guard with lots of experience as a tower guard protecting the aes sedai and their tower. But still after all these years still hadn't found someone to bond which was strange or maybe not even though most respected him but still bullied him sometimes for his size. And many people thought him as dumb fool trying to be a tower guard with his disadvantaged size, but he never gave up on his training and actually worked really hard every day and night just to prove that he was not as dumb fooled that they all thought he was. One after-noon he recieved a letter written by his father, telling him to hurry back to Tear to visit them, 'cause his mother being very sick and beyond saving.



As he arrived in Tear his father met him at the docks to escort him home to the Elvilmawien house in town. His mother had caught a strange illness making her shiver, spit blodd, rabble on about strange creatures roaming in the city heart which made no sence at all, since the city was well protected from most things trying to get in. Her illness only got worse as Jozan stayed with them for a few days and two days later his mother died in bed with agonizing pain and was buried in the sea as to make sure no one else would get infected with the same illness as her. After the funeral he left Tear and went on a trip on his own to clear his thoughts, and on his trip he met two beggars that became his companions during his journey towards Tar Valon, as he had been gone a long time and needed something to get his resent loss of his mother. And he knew the tower guards needed more personals in the tower, as to help the new recruits to get to tower guards or even warders one day.

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