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ok i got board so im just post this role play here join if you like i guess


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i have start of rp and im just go to post it here and if you want jump in  my rp aobut my char of shara have a dream about dragon reborn after he when to the aiel waste and it her story with her men and other people story mix together. look for rand and run in to a lot people on the away.  so here my start and if want to be my edit just email we talk about.  ;D 



On the wind swip cliffs of dawn. A woman sit on her hores look down  in the aiel waste. She have something like shouja on her head. All you can see is her purple eyes over the veil of green. She have over 5,000 men with her. She go to cross the waster. She slowly move down the path to get down. Her name this shomei juni aries and she this from shara. She slowly riding when her men look aorund for aiel . She this not worry because she have hear they have leave. She head for the dragon wall to help the dragon reborn or  hinori. She was one ayyad but she have dream of the one that boken all oath and law. She make a stead and take all she could with her. She sigh to herself and keep rideing.  Month later she this at the dragon wall and camp at the feet of the monurtons sening samll group of men over to the otherside  so they would not  have eyes fall on them. She groups this the last to over.  She sit  in her tent and watch the sun go down. She have one of her men work on her hair. It this raven black and long wave and look like silk. He work it up in to a bun and putting little pins with buttflys in it to hold it up. She sigh softly “mokaon do you think it this wise for us to leave?” she ask her seconded “ yes for out own good” he say in a deep voice. Sohmei have all black armon  make  by the power it this lite  she have clother over it. She close her eyes and thought about the man she saw in her draems and sigh again. 

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