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Approved WY Bio for Byron Assroth CC'd by CotS


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Character’s Name: Byron Assroth

Age: 21

Place of Origin: Arafel, Saldaea

Hair: Black shoulder length hair tied at the nape of his neck.

Eyes: Brown almond shaped eyes

Height: 5” 8

Weight: 11 stone


For what seemed like an age the Assroth family have been sending there eldest child to the tower.  It was always said that his ancestors had been helped by a travelling Aes Sedai and her Warder.  In gratitude to the help the Assroth’s received from the White Tower they have sent every first born amongst there family off to join the Tower, wither they be Aes Sedai, Warder, Tower guard or even just a Tower servant.  Being from the Borderland of Saldaea they are trained in sword and bow and are confident in there horsemanship.

    Byron has been raised on the belief that he will be sent to the Tower to serve under the great Aes Sedai.  He has been eager and willing to serve his ancestors role as a servant of the White Tower.  He has heard how his forbearer have been sent of to the Tower and served under the Tower; he has however wondered why they have never been heard of again since they left and why they have not returned.  He has also wonders if any of his female forbearers are still alive, aunties, grand aunts and the like.  Very keen is he to travel to this place of which his forbearers have gone and never heard of again. 

  Byron is not blind to what is in the world; after all his family has been have been in Saldaea for generations defending there homes and neighbors.  They are not a wealthy family, humble farmers on the outskirts of Arafel.  Once an Assroth is ready for sending they are sent with a stead, sword and a map handed down from forbearer to forbearer to make the journey.  It has always been hard on the family to loose a child, but for the family but it is held highly in the family that one of there own is sent to serve the Tower. 

    With many questions and queries on his mind it is a rather mature Byron Assroth who is sent on the road with his family map which he will send once he has arrived.  Will he make the journey and serve the Light. In what capacity will he be serving it?  Tower Guard?  Warder?  Only the Wheel knows.

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