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"Atlantica Online"- and some future of entertainment

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This might very well be the wrong section, but since this will likely end up to be more than just a mere recommendation of the very best "free", "Korean" MMO that I've ever seen, I thought it would have its place here in the General Discussion board. If it should still be seen as unfitting here, dear mods: Feel free to move it to the place appropriate for it. ;)



So, first, Atlantica Online...stupid name, true. But names of computer games don't necessarily tell much about them. See "Resident Evil", rofl. Of which the movies sucked. Either because the guy(s) doing them wanted to humiliate possible competition to Hollywood, let it look stupid or whatever. Maybe the "guys" doing these adaptations just suck themselves.


(If you don't want to listen to me ramble/read along, here's the official Homepage)


Atlantica Online...

Old graphics style, true. For that, there's other stuff though, see Half Life 2(rox, much, in that department, as does the mindless blazing, spraying and praying with guns in some MP-servers) and Fallout 3(that game knocked me out- beautiful graphics, no dull gameplay as in Oblivion thanks to the, IMHO, ingenious V.A.T.S. and a story that is simple, yet very effective- almost poetic in my book. And let's not forget the modding scene which is very, very alive, to say the least).

The graphics serve their purpose, though: You can see them ugly bastards coming at you, standing in line, and they're ugly. You want 'em killed. That simple.

Or you drool, if you're into that sort of thing.

No terrible system requirements as well. Granted, fps drops down when you enter a city and performance isn't perfect when you're "running around" classic MMORPG-way. In combat, though, where it matters, the game runs very smoothly.


Story. It's nothing terribly great...the abomination Atlantis rises again, basically, in a fictive world that is yet our own. They didn't bother to fool around with drawing their own maps, my god, still cool. Plus, you get to mix kick-ass Janissaries and Spartans into your squad. :P

I am not there yet, only lvl 43 of 120 on my "main", but that aim alone is worth playing this game in my eyes.

On another note, the morale of the quests is far more realistic and worthwhile than certain...other..."giants" on the market, such as the beast that shall not be named because it sucks and sell-rates don't tell crap about the game and its contents. We learn that lesson from TV as well.


Gameplay. (Player Based) Economy. Both are brilliant. Perfectly fockin' brilliant.

And the A.I. is also quite diverse and fun, as far as the turn-based nature of combat allows it: There are of course the mindless hordes that try to break into your lines without focus-firing. However there's also those that got their own nifty tricks up their sleeves- which you either need to see and consider while it's your 30 seconds turn, or else get pwned, to express it in 1337-sp34k.

Combat is fun, even when you're losing. You basically fighting for the combat's sake. Still the "story-qs" serve as a nice orientation line so that you don't get lost completely and get bored. Also serve as introduction to the game-mechanics and features, those. Very well done in my view. Better than, say, certain...other...competitors.



Anyway, I wanted to start a discussion, so...I'll leave it at that for now.


Just wanted to say that whoever did this game, he was brilliant. In my eyes, games such as Atlantica Online do their part in overthrowing the dominance of TV. It'll happen eventually. Dinosaur entertainment talkshows will finally gonna die, if there's any justice.


Atlantica Online.


Ride upon the Snowstorm. And best it.





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