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It's a Holly Jolly KIN~MAS!!!!


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Have a Holly Jolly Kin~Mas!!!!


It’s finally here!  That amazing, wonderful, awesome time of year when we can get Eggnog Shakes, put live tree’s in our homes, keep secrets and sing all the time..and nobody thinks we’re weird!!!!!  LOL!


It’s no secret that Lor and I LOVE Christmas, and love to celebrate with our Kinsters!  This year is no exception!!  We have several activities planned, and really hope we will get to spend some time together here, chatting, sharing, supporting and just celebrating the season together!  Here are a few of the ways we are planning to do just that!


Christmas Card Exchange!


This has always been a special exchange in the Kin!  It’s almost as popular as the postcard exchange!!  The idea is to send a card to everyone on the list that signs up!  HOWEVER, if you can’t really do that, but still want to participate, you can send out two cards!  Check out the thread for sign up dates and directions!


Secret Kinta Exchange


Pretty simple!  We do an exchange, and you are someone’s Secret Kin Santa! (Kinta)  You know, although we have exchanges through out the year, many Kinster’s aren’t always able to participate in them..but save up to be a part of our Christmas Celebrations! Some years we have done cookies, some years..ornaments and other years even a white elephant!  This year something new….A Gift of Light!  Again check the thread for the signup!


Twinnie’s Christmas Trivia Extravaganza!!!


IT’S BACK!!!!!  This was a blast last year for the whole Kin!  Many of our then new members blew us away with their knowledge of the holidays!  Again it will be a contest for the top trivia know it all to get a Special Twinnie Happy Mail Surprise!!!  Don’t miss this!



Adopt a Kinster

Every year, I bring up the discussion and idea of what each of us can do to give and share the joys and blessings we have, with others.  How to help spread the meaning of this season with our fellow man.  This year, instead of talking about it, I propose that we choose one of our own, A member of our Kin family that may need to have a little extra love, hope, cheer and goodwill sent their way, and take action to Spread the Meaning of Christmas.  The Kin Council has a couple of folks in mind for this…but unless all or many of you participate it won’t work.  We want to keep this as a surprise for this person..so a discussion will be at the Farm about Adopting a Kinster.  Depending on your response we will!  Then I will PM you the information of who, an address and ideas of what can be sent….I hope if we don’t manage to have a lot of participation on any other activities this year…this one does!



Ok folks…that’s it!  Christmas in the Kin!  *grins*  Other things to keep an eye on....


~The Holiday CD thread….check in to see how well I’m doing at burning the CD!

~All About Me….some of you still haven’t told us all about yourselves!

~The Christmas Complaint thread….yup its here again..the place to let go with the frustrations and stresses of the year!

~The Empy Awards…this is the month to nominate Orgs and people for a DM award!

~The ever popular sign in for December with your letter to Santa!


To each and every one of you…those that post every day and those that post once in a blue moon….Happy Holidays!  I wish that each of you are blessed with joys and wonder, and that you can find love in your hearts and the hearts of those around you…just as I do in each of you every day!


Peace!  Joy!  Love!



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