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Hello to all!


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Hello! I have just found this forum - shameful to say, I know.


I walked up to my bookshelves for something to read before bed and looked at my RJ books and sighed. I was saddened for the passing on of such a talented writer - but that isn't really what RJ meant to me.


He changed my life - I began reading with him when I was a child, through my teenage years into adulthood. He became my companion as I travelled into the WoT world and explored exciting realms. He took me away into a world of his choosing and I felt safe. I lived alongside his characters and laughed and cried with them. He gave me hope when life was dark, and gave me courage to go on. He inspired me and to this day his books are a part of me and my life. Now his books sit on my shelf for my children to one day read and enter the WoT world.


I wish I could have thanked him - thankyou RJ (James Oliver Rigney Jr) thankyou for taking me into your world!

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Welcome to DM!


We were all saddened by his sudden passing last year - it was a shock to many of us. So you are not alone there. But it is now down to us, his fans, to make sure his legacy continues for future fans to enjoy.


Now, DM is a large site, with much on offer. Hope you have a good look around, and don't hesitate to ask any questions about the site.


But whatever you do at DM, have fun! :)

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