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Nemar TelNarin

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Yeah I know, the wrong line but figured it appropriate.  Just giving my hello shout to DM and still checking this all out.  Just recently got back into WoT after a 6 yr stint of not reading.  Got into WoT when BK4 was just released.  Read up to Book 8.  Every time a new book was released I reread the series but RL and things changed that.  Now I'm back.  Currently listening to book 10 on audio.  To lazy to read atm but am able to listen while at work so it's a great way to go thru the entire series again.


Was truly saddened to realize that Rigney has passed but glad to see that his work will be finished.  At anyrate this is me and if you want to know more send me a sessage and I'll try to respond withing a timely fashion.


On a side note years ago before the WWW got big I used to play a WOT MUD game.  Any games currently running?  MUD or otherwise?  Well found the mud and for those who may not know.  http://www.wotmud.org/

I may have to see if I can get my old hcar back.  Doubt it's still there.

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I believe we had a MUD game on this site about seven years ago.  I didn't play, because I have better stuff to do with my time (namely chase puppies with a board (preferably one with a nail in it) until their owners come out and scream something along the lines of 'Hey! That's my puppy!' (and yes I did use exclamation points and they're attached to the words of the dog owner and not me, were they my words and I needed something indicitave of excitement I would have ended them with (exclamation point) like so). 


You know it took me almost a minute to figure out BK 4 meant book 4 (most of said minute was spent staring at chewbacca the dog and wondering why he was staring at me (it was an unintentional staring contest but he started it and I had to finish it because that's how I roll (that's how the kid does)) but there was a brief moment when I thought you were referencing B2K (the R&B (The & button is hard to find when you're typing in the dark) group)), but once i did I was hooked on your post.  I literally read it all in one sitting.


I know, I know.


So anyway What kind of RL things would get in the way of reading a book?  Are you saying from the time Book 9 released you haven't had even the seven or so hours available to read it until just now?  And I'm not trying to be sarcastic (I'm succesfully being facetious :P) I'm just genuinly curious as to what could take up that much of one's life.  I mean if you were in jail that's cool (or if you're married (it's roughly the same thing)).  I was in jail a time or two myself (never married though), and I understand how that kind of thing can dictate one's life decisions. 


Really the only reason I posted was because everyone else was ignoring you and talking to that Tel Janin guy.  I mean here you are with an original name and they've got to be over there talking to someone who ripped of Sammael's age of legends name (he'd be pissed if he wasn't a fictional character).  Bah, bah I say.


So just for you man I'm not going to greet him, I'll let him go completely un JD ified, because that's the kind of dedication I bring to every facet of my life.


Welcome to the Circus sir, enjoy your stay. 


Oh and what's your work that you can listen to music (and/or books on tape) during the course of the day (or evening if you're work doesn't take place betwinxt the standard nine to five hours)?  I get curious about life stories n' such.


It's in my nature (as is peeing on old women's gardens (preferably on the tomatoes))




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LOL nice post and thanks for the reply.  Lets see if I can respond to all pts.  If I miss something take the board with the nail and goto town.


For not having time to read, well between working about 80 some hrs/wk and being married it doesn't leave alot of "ME" time.  As for the ME time I sure didn't spend it reading I spent blowing off steam.  Yes I said 80 hrs/wk.  Pizza Manager is a rough job at times.  Every time  new book came out i bought the book with the intention of reading it but as I said it's not just a matter of reading one book.  Every time a new one came out I liked to read the entire series over so I can catch subltle things missed otherwise.  how certain things said in bk 1 didn't make sence till bk 7 and nothing comes to mind but I'm positive there is something that is like that.  Anywho....


As for now I'm enjoying peace and quiet in more ways then one.  Wife gone, manager job gone.  Now I'm just a measly, lowly peon of a cook in a kitchen for a casino.  I know my job and don't have to pay attention to anybody around me and they dont' mind as long as I am able to hear when need be so I plug in my mp3 player to one ear and leave other ear empty and delve into RANDLAND and just cook w/o a care in the world and while I may not be making the same amount of money I AM A LOT happier and happiness is what life is all about.  Don't be sorry about loosing wife either.  God knows I'm not.  She wasn't the one for me and that one is still out there and now I can find her.


BTW I can't take full credit for the name.  I don't remember the book but long ago I read a fantasy book and one of the characters in it was named Nemar.  The Tel'Narin is all mine and yes this was all done during my D & D phase.  I still have tons of 2nd Ed books collecting dust which hasn't seen light of day in about 15 yrs.  Anywho I think I wrote enough.  Much more and this will turn into a wall of text that nobody will read.



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I read it. But really, I hang out with Justen up there, so I better be used to reading lots of text. I'd like to say I'll try and respond to all your points as well, Nemar, but I'm only allowed to have two points. I had four once, and was admonished for covering too much. So here we go.


1. I've tried to read every book when a new one came out, and I've been totally successful at it. Then again, I only started reading it before KoD, so there was really only one time I had to reread everything. And that wasn't hard because it was before I went back to school again (school + work = less free time). So I can see how working the equivalent of two full time jobs and coming home to a bad relationship could possibly get in the way of quiet time for reading. But yeah, looks like you've moved on to a better place (and no, I don't mean heaven, if it exists. You're clearly still alive and kicking... unless you're a ghost with fingers substantial enough to use a keyboard, which is doubtful, I mean, haven't you seen the movie Ghost?? It's hard to be substantial when you're dead).


2. Welcome to DM. If you wanna come hang out with the only two people to have greeted you so far, and to have done so with more than a single sentence, then stop by the Seanchan org and sign up to see the private boards. We, and a substantial portion of the other really awesome folks at DM (though there are lots, and you'll find some everywhere), will be there engaging in a round of 100 Questions (where a member is subjected to a battery of good and not-so-good questions they must answer truthfully), Mock the Member (an informal game (engaged in in almost every thread) where we lovingly mock one of our own members... generally Barm. Or Pait. Because they're easy), or Guess What He Meant (in which we try and guess the missing word from Empy's posts, of which there is almost always at least one). Basically, we hang out and have fun with fun people.


So I hope my two points have covered just enough to be proper, but not so much that it got less interesting. Enjoy yourself, and maybe I'll see ya around.  ;D

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Really the only reason I posted was because everyone else was ignoring you and talking to that Tel Janin guy.  I mean here you are with an original name and they've got to be over there talking to someone who ripped of Sammael's age of legends name (he'd be pissed if he wasn't a fictional character).  Bah, bah I say.


Wow.  I'm crushed.  Really.  No, really.  Ya know, JD, if I may call you JD, If the world (any world for that matter) were peopled entirely with persons having a unique moniker, we'd be stuck with alphabet soup, random key stroke names.  You are correct; I borrowed Tel Janin's first/middle names; it's a time honored gamer's tradition.  I did change the last name though.  Didja gimme any JD-ification for that?  Nope.  Crushed, I tell ya.  Crushed.  ;)

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