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Perhaps A New Chance? (Attn: Rasheta Sedai)


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How much more of an idiot could that man be?  He took one glance at her, called her a baby, and then turned her away!  Honestly, how could he take one look and “know” she couldn’t be a Blade Master?  She could do some serious damage with her sword, and would have gladly shown it, if he hadn’t of shut the door so fast.  What was she to do now?  She had no family, no friends, and no one to rely on.  ’Well, I guess I can try the women’s quarters,’ she thought to herself.  ‘After all, they surely won’t turn away a young girl.’


Picking up her one bag and moving her sword around her belt, Melainia Mosagina began walking towards the tower that the Captain had pointed out.  Her steps were much slower now than they had been walking to his office, and her boots seemed to almost drag the ground as she began dreading walking inside.  Would she have to wear a dress?  Would she have to curtsy and bathe? 


‘Mat would have never treated me like this.  He would have allowed me to join the Guard and taught me to be an amazing Blade Master.  Oh Light, keep you and bless you, my fallen brother.  May the Mother’s last embrace welcome you home.’


She had reached her destination.  Sighing to herself, she resituated her bag on her back, and decided that this was the time for a new start.  Perhaps being with the women wouldn’t be such a bad thing after all.  Shienarien women were not weak in the slightest.  After all, a woman’s rights are whatever she says they are.  At least, in Shienar. ‘Pity that captain didn’t believe in that.’


Walking up through the doorway to look for someone that knew what was going on, she passed two women that were knitting on either side of the doorway.  They looked up at her in shock then both stood in unison, blocking her from entering. 


“No man goes in the woman’s quarters unless invited, especially not armed.”  Startled, Mel jumped back and tumbled backward, landing on her rump.  Groaning as she hit, her cap fell off and her hair tumbled out of the loose bun it had been in.  Two guards came rushing up to assist the women, looking for the intruder. 


Trying to think of some excuse or way out of whatever trouble she had gotten into, Mel stumbled over words, praying to the light she did not spend her night in some jail cell.  What a twist of events this would be.  All she wanted was a home – was that so much for a girl to ask for?


Out of no where, a strange woman appeared.  The crowds seemed to part as she walked forward.  She was about Mel’s height, but had a glow about her from her very tan skin and the stunning green eyes.  The black hair shaped her face and Mel could not help but think that this woman was beautiful.  Her dress was light and elegant, and the grace she took with each step was like a form of dance.  'Surely, this has to be a Queen!'


The woman bent down slightly, and as Mel lowered her eyes in respect, she felt a soft hand touch her chin and lift it gently to stare the woman in the eyes.  Mel took another moment to look at the woman, seeing an ageless beauty in her.  It was as though time had stopped for this woman and she seemed to last forever – like a doll.  Who was this strange woman?  Mel flinched away, almost startled at her own thoughts.


The woman rose and beckoned a man to her, whispering to him something about getting her things ready.  Ready?  “Hello, my child.  I do not know who you are nor what you were looking for, but I do have what you need."  What she needed?  Oh please, what she needed was for people to take her seriously.  What she needed was for people to quit treating her like a child.  And what she needed was her brother back.


“You are coming with me to Tar Valon.  I am Rasheta Sedai.  We leave at dawn.  Now come with me." The woman then turned and began walking down the hallway, and the guards picked Mel up and pushed her towards the Sedai.


Wait, a Sedai, as in Aes Sedai.  And Tar Valon as in the White Tower?  What did an Aes Sedai want with her?  She had heard of these revered women.  They could take control of some power and fight for the light.  Mat had spoken of these women with such respect that Mel had even begun to respect them.  But who was she to say that Mel was going with her? 


Following the woman, she felt a glare from everyone around her as they stare at her sword.  Mel took her cap and pushed it down into her bag as she walked and then tried to push her hair back up into the bun, slowly following.  “Come here, child,” the woman said as she reached a doorway.  Mel could not help but move faster, although she resented the ‘child.’  


Stepping into the room, she saw one of the most beautiful sights to ever reach her eyes.  A beautiful elegant bed was at the center of the room.  A fine wardrobe was to one side and a wash stand to the other.  There were pictures and tapestries on the wall, and fine rugs on the floor.  A desk was to one side, piled with papers and books, and there was a fireplace with a nice fire warming the room.  Mel almost didn’t want to touch anything, even the carpets, because she was afraid to ruin them.


Rasheta Sedai closed the door behind her and walked to her desk, shifting through some papers for a moment, and Mel set down her bag near the door.  Walking to the window, she took a look outside to see a beautiful view.  ‘Who would have guessed that such beautiful things like this existed?’ she had to ask herself.  Glancing at the wash stand, for a short moment she longed to wash the caked on dirt from her face, arms, and feet.  Her boots suddenly felt ten times heavier and she wanted to strip off her pants and shirt for something clean and soft.


Glancing back out the window, she could not help but look out at the horizon, thinking of her brother.  Whatever this woman would ask of her, she would make Mat proud.  ‘Light keep us both.’  The woman spoke, and Mel could hear the woman’s voice, but could not make out the words as she was still in her own world.  Turning quickly to face the woman, she lowered her eyes, speaking.  “I am sorry, Aes Sedai.  I did not hear what you asked.”



Melainia "Mel" Mosagina

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OOC: I know we talked about this but I didn't know you were going to be moving/speaking for me. If I had I would have written the bits for you. ;) This once I will try and make Rasheta do what you have written. Although some of it will be changed because Rasheta is a very complex character. Although try not to do it next time ok? Edited LOL I'll give you the test in the next post.




Rasheta had seen a girl who had potential in the power and she was determined to find the girl again and take her back to the tower. If anything Rasheta needed a good excuse to leave the borderlands. She was to close to the blight and it reminded her to much of her warder. Maybe if she hadn't agreed to go and see his homelands and then agreed to go and help some of the men fight in the blight he would still be alive. Not good to think about it now though.


She came to the manor of the lord of Fal Dara and she was admitted in the glorious manner as all Aes Sedai were. She was a Green and her first thoughts were always about which of the men were the handsomest and possibly could be the best as a warder.  She wasn't thinking of bonding again but if you were a Green long enough the thoughts always came to mind. She was taken to the women’s apartments and she was given a room, probably one of the best in the house. She eyed the tapestries and the furniture. The house, even in the women’s apartments, were done up for siege or attack. She heard a commotion outside in the hall and she moved out of her room following the sound.


At the entrance to the women’s quarters there was a small crowd, she moved forward trying to see what was going on. One of the women standing there noticed her and quickly moved out of the way. Rasheta could see now a girl was sitting on the floor two guards were standing over her. Rasheta moved forward and motioned the guards away. If nothing else the girl needed to be cleaned up and put in some different clothes. She bent and lifted the girls face and studied her a moment before saying in a stern voice.


“Child you will come with me I will get you cleaned up a bit. Don't think to argue.” The girl just looked at her for a moment and seemed a bit sullen as well as like she was going to argue with her. Rasheta ignored that and said in a no nonsense voice.


“You will be coming with me and don’t think to argue. My name is Rasheta Ardashir, otherwise called Rasheta Sedai. From now until I am done with you that is what you will call me.” She knew there was no way she would be called simply Rasheta not here. “Come now child.” She turned and began to walk away. When the girl didn’t move fast enough she called from the doorway to her room. “Now child!”


Rasheta walked to the desk that was in the room. She moved some papers around till she found a blank sheet and then a pen, she had to send a message to Jaydena soon with reports of her goings on outside the tower. She asked absentmindedly “What is your name child?” She didn’t get an answer right away so she looked up from her writing to ask again till the girl looked at her. She asked one more time and then waited for the answer.


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Jaydena stepped out of the coach and gazed around her, the look on her face ever serene. A trip out of the Tower was just what she needed and checking up on several of her Sisters in the Borderlands was just the excuse she needed to get permission to leave. She hadn't heard from Rasheta in several months and she had begun to worry, perhaps the woman was just busy with her duties but it wouldn't do to lose track of one of her Sisters. Additionally Juliana Sedai had just vanished off the face of the land. None of the Eyes and Ears seemed to know where she was and she was supposed to be in the same nation as Rasheta. It seemed that if Rasheta had heard of another Aes Sedai she would have mentioned it in one of her reports. It had been at least eight months since anyone had heard from Juliana and this was not a good sign, especially when one was stationed in the Borderlands and had recently lost a warder in the battles against the Shadow. She wouldn't be the first woman to kill herself or disappear into the Blight to take as many Shadowspawn with her as she could, after losing a Gaidin. Jaydena turned her head and regarded her Warders and with a nod they fell into place behind her. She was very worried about Rasheta though it didn't show on her face and she was happy to finally be at their destination. It wouldn't be long before she would learn if Rasheta was still here as she should be.


Those around here in the courtyard bowed as they saw her face and she nodded serenly at all of them. One of the ladies approached her and began speaking, "Honored Aes Sedai, please refresh yourself, all that we have is yours." Jaydena smiled with one corner of her mouth and spoke, "Thank you, my name is Jaydena Mckanthur and I am looking for Rasheta Sedai. Is she still residing here and if so can someone take me to her, it is of utmost importance." The woman nodded and spoke, "She is in residence and I believe in her rooms as we speak, I will take you to her Aes Sedai. My name is Lady Blake and my brother is ruler here." Jaydena nodded and Lady Blake led them into the keep. Though it looked like a castle it was built to withstand seige and Shadowspawn. Jaydena's long stride ate up the ground as she was several inches taller than the woman in front of her. Finally they reached the women's quarters and her warders were made to stay behind with their weapons. Men were not allowed in the women's quarters. Lady Blake stopped to knock on a door within in the quarters and Jaydena looked down at her appearance. She probably looked travel worn but there was no help for it. Her auburn hair which normally feel to her waist was hooked onto her head in an intricate design and was most likely covered in a film of road dust.


Her emerald eyes with their almond shape regarded her hour glass figure and her pale skin which was also not as clean as she liked. She smoothed a hand over the green satin dress with it's skirts divided for riding and the silver roses embroidered along the waist and bodice and then glanced up as the door opened. Rasheta Sedai looked at her with shock in her eyes before she composed her face. Jaydena turned to Lady Blake and spoke, "Thank you Lady Blake, I would be honored to stay the night here if you have room for me. Could you perhaps see to quarters for myself and my Warders if you have room." The black haired woman nodded and curtsied before walked off gracefully on her duties. "Rasheta, I have been quite worried about you, I haven't gotten a report from you in over six months. Is all well with you?" Rasheta darted her eyes behind her as though motioning behind her and then pushed the door open with her hand. A young woman sat behind her and Jaydena eyed Rasheta. The other woman and nodded and motioned for her to step into the room. Her Sister shut the door and they quickly raised a ward against hearing and began to discuss what to do. Finally when they reached a decision, Jaydena stepped forward and spoke to the girl, "Hello, what is your name my child, I am Jaydena Sedai of the Green Ajah." She gazed at the young woman in serene confidence.


Jaydena Mckanthur

Head of the Green Ajah

Sitter of the Green Ajah

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OOC: Lemme know if I need to change anything!




Rasheta Sedai looked slightly perturbed as she repeated herself.  Mel almost wanted to shrink into her boots right there and slide out of the window.  “What is your name child?”   Mel swallowed and slowly spoke as she took a seat on the bench beside the window. “My name, Rasheta Sedai, is-“


Interrupted by a knock at the door, Rasheta raised a hand to pause her.  Sitting back on the bench and glancing down at her hands, she leaned forward and relaxed, her elbows on her knees as the Aes Sedai went to the door and slowly opened it.  A strange woman in a beautiful green dress stood there with another Lady in a beautiful blue dress.  The strange woman in the green dress had the same ‘ageless’ face that Rasheta had. 


“Thank you Lady Blake, I would be honored to stay the night here if you have room for me. Could you perhaps see to quarters for myself and my Warders if you have room.”   The smaller woman, Lady Blake, nodded and gracefully walked away.  The tall beautiful woman, the new Aes Sedai, glided slowly into the room, looking at Rasheta Sedai. “Rasheta, I have been quite worried about you, I haven't gotten a report from you in over six months. Is all well with you?”


Well, isn’t this nice?  Let’s all ignore the girl that has zero idea as to what is going on!  No wonder some places in the land despised Aes Sedai – they seemed to all run on their own agenda!  Mel sighed to herself and heard the door shut.  Looking up, she saw the two women huddled together, talking.  Leaning back on her elbows against the window, Mel rolled her eyes.  When is someone going to explain what in the Light is going on?


“Hello, what is your name my child?  I am Jaydena Sedai of the Green Ajah.”  This woman had a strange confidence about her that made Mel want to shiver and gasp in awe.  It was as though the woman behaved she was the queen of the world but at the same time no one of any importance.  Perhaps this is what Aes Sedai are all about?


Raising to her feet slowly, Mel bowed low, one hand over her heart and the other on the hilt of her sword.  “My name, Jaydena Sedai, is Melainia Mosagina.  I go by simply Mel.”  Well, it was about time she got to finally say who she was! 


Jaydena Sedai nodded to herself and stepped back to Rasheta, saying a few words.  They both looked at her for a moment, and Mel decided to speak up.  “Jaydena or Rasheta Sedai, I hate to be a bother, and I sure you both have much to attend to.  Is there any way that I can at least get a bath-” At that moment, her stomach growled. “-and a little food?”


Jaydena Sedai nodded at Rasheta before holding her hand out to Mel.  “Come with me, my child, and we shall get you a bath and food.”  Mel picked up her bag and nodded, walking across the room and following Jaydena Sedai as she opened up the door and stepped into the hallway. 


Looking up to Rasheta Sedai as she went to leave the room, she bowed low, hand over heart and hilt.  “It was a pleasure, Aes Sedai.  May the Light bless you.”  Rasheta nodded and watched them leave, closing the door behind them.  Well, she was interesting enough.


The Lady from before, Lady Blake, was in the hallway.  Jaydena walked up to her, and the Lady curtsied, and beckoned them to follow.  They were lead out of the Woman’s Quarters, where a few men joined them.  Mel took one glance at a man that walked right beside her, who was staring forward with a hard face.  Mel gulped to herself and followed Jaydena Sedai, taking a few extra steps forward to be just behind the Aes Sedai.


They were lead down another hallway that was much more empty than any the rest she had seen in this castle.  Lady Blake pulled out a key and opened a door, allowing the Aes Sedai to step inside.  “There is 3 rooms adjacent to your for your warders.  There is another to the other side-“ Lady Blake pointed to a door beside this “-for the girl.” 


Jaydena nodded and motioned for her many men to go into the room already opened.  Lady Blake opened the other door that she had pointed out for Mel.  Jaydena thanked her then dismissed her before turning to her room.  “Well, child, you can now get that bath that you longed for.  I am not going to lock the door, however, I will know if you leave.  After you eat, come to my room.” 


Jaydena Sedai then motioned to a nearby servant and requested two baths, one for each room, and dinner.  The servant rushed off and Jaydena Sedai turned into her room and shut the door.  Well, she is certainly an interesting woman.


Walking into her room, Mel took one glance around in shock.  The room was amazing.  There was a gorgeous wash table with mirror.  A desk was beside that, and then a beautiful large bed against the wall.  A chest rested against the food of the bed.  Then against the other wall was a large wardrobe and a few hooks, perhaps for weapons or cloaks.  There was a window with a beautiful view and then a large wooden bench.


Mel walked up to the bench and set her bag upon it.  She took her weapon off her and set it on the hook.  She kicked off her boots and set them on the bench.  The door opened and servants came inside, carrying a huge metal tub.  Mel was about to protest as she saw bucked of hot water being carried inside.  Oh Light… A hot bath?  I haven’t had one since… I don’t remember!  


She opened up her bag and pulled out the few items inside.  She had a few books from her brother as well as her mother’s dagger.  She had no idea what the book said but irregardless, they were important to her family.  She then pulled out the cloak inside and unrolled it slowly.  Inside was her father’s medals from his fight against the Blight.  She set those beside the books and dagger on the desk.


Next in her pack was a change of pants and shirt, as well as a few change of undergarments and socks.  She shook the dirt out of them and laid them on the bed.  Last but not least was her few feminine items.  They had belonged to her mother.  There was a hairbrush with soft bristles, a few simple hair ribbons, and two soft handkerchiefs with her family’s emblem embroidered on the edge.  These she placed on the edge of the desk beside the wash stand.


Looking back at the bath, she saw it was full and that the servants were gone.  She slipped off her shirt and breeches, noting the dirt as it fell to the floor.  She then slipped her socks off and set the items in a pile in the corner.  They should almost be destroyed instead of being salvaged.  She then slid her underwear and bindings off.  Standing before the mirror naked, she sighed at her feminine curves.  Oh Light, why wasn’t I born a male?


Sliding slowly into the bathtub, she relaxed, slowly sliding the rag provided over her body.  Taking the soap that was also provided to her lathered it up and rubbed her body clean, from head to toe.  She finished with a jar of oil, which she poured into her hair and let the dirt run out of it.  Soaking for a few more minutes, she slipped out of the tub and grabbed the huge towel that was sitting on the chest and wrapped herself up tight.


Looking at herself in the mirror, she used the brush to slowly get the tangles out of her crazy mane.  There was a comb provided at the wash stand and she worked out tangle after tangle, wincing as she pulled it through.  Going to the bed, she pulled on her only change of clothes, omitting socks, and then used the towel to wring more of the drip out of her hair. 


A knock came at the door and she opened it, seeing a servant with a tray.  He set it on the desk as others came in and removed the tub.  As soon as the door was shut again, Mel pounced upon the food.  She gulped down the cheese, fruit and bread, barely breaking to take a few sips of the water and wine.  It took no time at all before the food was all gone. 


As soon as she finished, she glanced in the mirror one last time before pulling her hair back into a single braid down her back.  Leaving her feet bare, she opened her door and went to the door beside hers.  Knocking once, she said, “Jaydena Sedai, are you ready for me?”   Oh Light, I wonder what will happen now…



Mel Mosagina




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Jaydena watched the girl closely, it wasn't like she could run but you never knew, the girl was armed and for all Jade knew she was a Darkfriend sent to kill the Aes Sedai here. After all Juliana Sedai was missing and Lady Blake hadn't mentioned anything about where she was. It seemed like she would have as they had walked through the passages to the women's quarters. Turning her attention back to the girl as the child rose to her feet and placed her hand on her sword, saying, “My name, Jaydena Sedai, is Melainia Mosagina.  I go by simply Mel.” Jade nodded and then stepped back to where Rasheta stood behind her and spoke in hushed tones, "Well she seems to have good enough manner and as you said, it seems she can learn to channel but I will do the test unless you want to." Rasheta shook her head no and Dena and was about to speak again, “Jaydena or Rasheta Sedai, I hate to be a bother, and I sure you both have much to attend to.  Is there any way that I can at least get a bath-” Jaydena arches and eyebrow and was about to deny the girl when she heard Mel's stomach grown, “-and a little food?”


Normally she wouldn't allow someone to ask something of her and grant it, as a Novice she would need to learn to be dirty and tired and keep going. That is how they taught these young girls to be tough and molded them into future Aes Sedai. However, she herself was hungry and needed a bath. She had been living on spongebaths for days and would love to sit down in a tub of scented water. So she nodded at the girl and held her hand out to Mel. She nodded and Rasheta and spoke before Mel reached her, "Rasheta I will be back to talk with you later and we will try and discover why your reports aren't reaching me and where she is." Her mind went in circles and she considered why Rasheta's reports weren't reaching her, it could only mean a few things. Someone was intercepting those reports and gaining information, possibly for the Shadow. That though alone was enough to send her blood boiling. Turning back to Mel she spoke, “Come with me, my child, and we shall get you a bath and food.”  Mel picked up her small bag, more like a haversack and followed her from the room. Jade wondered the story behind this girl, she didn't seem to have any family and her clothes were all but worn through.  Melainia turned to the other Aes Sedai and once again laid her hand on he sword, “It was a pleasure, Aes Sedai.  May the Light bless you.” Her Sister nodded and the girl with a benevolent look and Jaydena winked at Rasheta before leaving the room.


They walked out the door and Lady Blake stood in the hallway, the woman was efficent to say the least. She bowed her head slightly to the woman in a sign of respect as Lady Blake curtsied before her. The walls were stark and ready for war, though there were more frills here in the women's quarters. They walked for sometime, into a part of the castle that wasn't as active. Lady Blake pulled a key from inside her dress and unlocked a door.  “There is 3 rooms adjacent to your for your warders.  There is another to the other side for the girl.”  With a nod she motioned for her warders to go into the rooms provided for them, where warm water and trays were provided for them. They eyed the girl one last time and one of them nodded at the others and stayed at her heels. The men had seemed to develope a kind of telepathic ability when with each other, they no longer even needed to speak. She smiled with great humor at him and sighed, it wasn't as if this small slip of a girl could hurt her but all her warders were very protective. Sending a spurt of affection through the bond and turned back to Lady Blake, "Thank you Lady Blake, your service and kindness is much appreciated." Lady Blake bowed again and informed her a feast would be thrown tonight in honor of two Aes Sedai in the castle. When the woman had left the room she returned to Mel and spoke, “Well, child, you can now get that bath that you longed for.  I am not going to lock the door, however, I will know if you leave.  After you eat, come to my room.”


She motioned for the servant with one had and stepped back as they began filling both the tubs. When they were done she walked into her room and shut the door. In front of the door she waited to hear the click of the other door shutting before she reopened her door and embraced the source. A ward was set against the girls room, so that she would know if she tried to sneak out. The room didn't have windows but arrowslots that no human could fit through. She returned to her room and stepped inside. It sported a large bed with cream and blue bedding and curtains of the arrowslots. A large mirror, wardrobe, washstand and desk were spread around the room. As well as several tapestries and thick rugs on the floor. The washbowl and pitchers were made of Seafolk porcealin, which she very much coveted. The rare red shade with dolphins on it was quite rare and lovely. She turned to her Warder who was in the room with her and spoke, "My dear, would you mind getting these hooks for me. When your done, can you find the Mistress of the House and find some clothes, boots, and undergarments for that girl. Her shoes look worn clean through. When you are done you can come back and guard me as I know you want to. You can send one of the others in while your gone, you don't need to hide it from me." She chuckled at his look and kissed his cheek as he undid the hooks on her dress. When he was done he stepped from the room and she gazed over at the brass washtub. It was quite lovely with scroll work pounded into the sides of it, they had filled it with scented oils and crushed herbs. Flowers floated on the surface of the water and scented candles were lighted nearby. On the desk next to the tub was a large basket, her name was written in flowing script on a card leaned against the basket. She smiled at it and picked the note up, it was printed on thick paper of the highest quality. Inside was a note from Lady Blake, saying that everything inside the basket was a gift to her and all items made using her secret family recipe. Jade picked up the first bottle and saw it was labeled shampoo. She opened it and almost moaned at the scent that wafted from it. Scents had always been her downfall, she loved to create her own salts, shampoos, and candles whenever she had time. Taking out the bottles one by one she removed her clothes and stepped into the tub. Quickly washing her long hair, in sections so it was clean. She scrubbed her body down and then lay down for a moment to relax. The door opened behind her and she smiled up at one of her warders. He held out a towel for her an she stepped from the bathtub. She was no longer shy with any of her Warders, they had been living together for many years. He dried her off and kissed along her neck as he did so, she smiled at him and nudged him away. She had not been with him but he always did his best to whoo her. He smiled at her with a ironic bow and handed her the clothing he had pulled from the luggage. Which had just made it's way to their rooms. She stepped into her undergarments and pulled the pale green dress with it's high neckline and cutout at the breasts on. Lace screened the cutout but you could still see the valley of her large breasts. She felt a spurt of the desire that was quickly controlled and she turned to smile at him. "Hush now." She quickly did her makeup and sat down to brush her hair. He took the brush from her and began to run it lovingly through the thick tresses. When he was done he let it fall down her back and she looked up as the alarm sounded in her head. Mel had left her room. Seconds later the girl knocked on her door and spoke, “Jaydena Sedai, are you ready for me?” Jade nodded and he walked to the door and opened it. Mel stood before her door, clean and without socks. "Come in my child, before we do anything let's check something." Stilling her face and not showing any emotions she spoke, "Before I talk about anything else, there is just a quick little test I would like you to do.” Jaydena embraced the source and pulled the gem on a string from her pocket. It was a emerald used exactly for this purpose. All Aes Sedai carried a stone of some kind with them for exactly this kind of thing, “I would like you to relax and empty all your thoughts. Just sit back and concentrate on the stone.” She watched calmly as Mel focused on the stone and almost sighed as a small flash in the middle of the stone occured. The girl could learn to channel and these days any girl who could was a blessing. “Well done, Melainia Mosagina you can learn to be an Aes Sedai, with much practice and work you will possibly become a Sister. Now we will rest here a couple of days before we begin the trip to Tar Valon. Do you have any questions about the Tower or anything that just happened my child?"


Jaydena Mckanthur



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Mel leaned against the door, listening for any sounds from inside.  She heard nothing, not even a slight whisper, but then heard a door handle turning.  She stepped back, flipping her braid over her shoulder to rest down the middle of her back.  She tried to clear her emotions, as she saw the Aes Sedai do, and stared straight ahead as the man from earlier opened the door.  He stared at her hard, as if ready to act at any moment.  His stance, his prowl… I wish I could be a warrior as strong and powerful as him.


“Come in, my child, before we do anything let's check something."  There is that flawless Aes Sedai face again! Mel couldn’t help but wonder if there was some workshop or school to learn just how to have an Aes Sedai face.  When I get back to my room, I am so going to spend an hour in front of that mirror practicing my ‘Aes Sedai face’. 


"Before I talk about anything else, there is just a quick little test I would like you to do.”  A test?  Oh light, Mel knew this was too good to be true.  She went from a poor farm girl to being catered on in a castle.  Now, she had to take a test.  Jaydena pulled a sparkly green gem from her pocket that was on a string.


Ready to ask what this test was about or what this sparkly thing was, Jaydena Sedai spoke.  “I would like you to relax and empty all your thoughts. Just sit back and concentrate on the stone.”  Mel sat down on the bench beside her and stared at the stone.  Well, maybe I can practice my ‘Aes Sedai face’ early.  She thought of nothing and no one, emptying her mind of all but the gem before her. 


A light came from the middle of the stone.  Mel jumped back, startled, and gasped.  WHAT IN THE BLASTED LIGHT? She looked up at the Aes Sedai and saw relief on her face.  RELIEF?  A light just flickered out of no where!


“Well done, Melainia Mosagina. You can learn to be an Aes Sedai; with much practice and work you will possibly become a Sister. Now we will rest here a couple of days before we begin the trip to Tar Valon. Do you have any questions about the Tower or anything that just happened, my child?"


Mel slowly stood up, her eyes bulging.  “It just… it… wow.”  She sat back down on the bench, her mind spinning. “Just, wait, it lit up and… wait what?  No, that isn’t right.  How is that, no.”  She put her head down in her hands.  She heard Jaydena Sedai say something, but she couldn’t even hear what was being said.


Standing up, she went over to the wash stand.  She dipped her hands in, getting both wet, and splashed her face.  Looking in the mirror, she watched the water run down and a concerned Jaydena and Man behind her.  Turning to the woman, she wiped the running water off her face and tried to form her words a little better.


“I don’t… That isn’t…”  Giving up, she held onto the wash stand to stay standing.  “I need to think.”  Think?  Think about what?  Whatever just happened was not natural! “I think I need to go to the bathroom,” she said, feeling nausea rumbling in her stomach.  The Aes Sedai nodded and Mel went to the door, opening it slowly, then took a few steps towards her door. 


She opened it, her mind spinning, and felt the nausea raising higher in her stomach.  “Oh… light…” Before the nausea hit her mouth, the blood rushed from her head and she felt the world going darker – and promptly passed out.




Sitting up on the bed, she coughed, a terrible odor under her nose.  The Aes Sedai stood above her, the man from earlier beside her, and she looked around to see she was in her bed.  Laying back on the bed, she held her hand to her forehead.  “Oh Light, what happened?  And please tell me, what is going on?”


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Jaydena almost laughed as she watched the young girls eyes open wide, to be so innocent again, she wasn't sure if it was something she would want but it did have some appeal. “It just… it… wow.” The girl sat back down on the bench in from of them and continued speaking, “Just, wait, it lit up and… wait what?  No, that isn’t right.  How is that, no.” Jade smiled and the girl and spoke, "Melainia my child, it did happen, you saw the flash in that stone, I didn't do that, it was all you." Melainia didn't even seem to be hearing her, the girl walked over to the washstand and scooped water into her shaking hands. Most of it landed back into the bowl but she did manage to get some on her face. Jade arched a brow, she had never seen a girl act like this, normally they were excited to be able to learn to channel, unless that is they were from a nation where her kind were hated and feared. The girl also apparently didn't know it was considered disrespectful to turn your back on an Aes Sedai and act in the way she was. “I don’t… That isn’t… I need to think.” Melainia looked at her and her face was white as a sheet of parchment, Jade nodded and was about to speak when the girl stumbled to the door. She sighed and let her go, after all she couldn't go anywhere and there would time enough for her to learn to respect Aes Sedai. Oh well, this would give her time to get everything ready for their return trip. Just as she turned to her warder to relay some instructions she heard a thunk from the open doorway.


Melainia lay on the floor in front of her door, it appeared she was passed out. Jade rushed across the room and kneeled down to check her pulse, afraid she had scared the girl to death with the news that she could learn to channel. Luckily, there was indeed a pulse and the girls chest rose and feel softly. She tried to gently shake her awake but the child did not rouse. With a sigh of acceptance she embraced the source and lifted Melainia using threads of Air and Spirit. It didn't take long to get her into the bed and take her boots off. Jade laid the covers over her and then motioned for her gaidin to leave the new clothes, socks, toiletries, and boots at the end of the bed.



She shut the door softly behind her and set a ward around the room, making sure that no one could enter or leave the room without her knowing it. Her heart ached at the expression she had seen on the young girls face. It was obvious she had been through a lot, and it wasn't going to get any easier. Life in the tower was difficult at best, before it was done this girl would be broken over and over and reformed into the image of an Aes Sedai. It wouldn't take long for the transformation to begin. As soon as she reached the Tower, she would begin classes, chores, and so many other things. She would scrub until her hands cracked and bled and then she would face the arches. Jade shook her head and shuddered visibily, she still remembered her trip through the arches, it wasn't something easily forgotten. She would remember the pain of leaving the child she had never borne and the husband she loved to the flames of that housefire. Turning away from the door she walked to her gaidin and began to talk about getting them ready...


Time passed quickly over the next two days and before she knew it it was time for them to head back to Tar Valon and for Melainia to begin her life in the Tower. It had been like a vacation for her, no reports, an enjoyable time with Rasheta Sedai, and news on where her missing Sister was. She had had a chance to check in with the local eyes and ears and she had negotiated to get Lady Blake to get the products sent into Tar Valon to be bought by women at the Tower. Overall it had been an extremely productive trip, well worth the time away from the Tower. She could only hope that nothing horrible had happened while she was gone. It was the Greens after all and things were bound to happen with them. Jade checked her room one last time and then headed out with Melainia and her gaidin in tow, she thanked Lady Blake, and they climbed inside the carriage. The time inside the coach over the next few days and at the ends was a endless amoung of dust and aching muscles but it didn't take long in the grand scheme of her life to see the twisting spires of Tar Valon. "Well Melainia, welcome to Tar Valon, the greatest city in the world and your new home."


Jaydena Mckanthur


ooc- Sorry for the wait hun, life has been crazy this week. Go ahead and post taking us into Tar Valon, then start a new thread on the White Tower, with Jade taking you to the MON. I will post one last time on that thread and pass you to Elgee.


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Mel laid in bed for the next two days, hoping that she would wake up from this nightmare.  She didn’t want to go to Tar Valon.  She didn’t want to be an Aes Sedai.  And more than anything, she did NOT want to be stuck with Jaydena Sedai any longer.  The site of the woman sickened her.  It was like she had this eternal smug face that she was better than everyone around her.  What this woman deserved was a good kick in the buttox, and as soon as possible.  With those men around her, it was like she was the Queen of Andor or something!  Even Lady Blake bowed down to her like she was the Blessed Mother herself. I swear to the Creator, if she makes me bow down and kiss her toes like everyone else is, I am going to spew all over her perfect little slippers.


When they finally left for Tar Valon, Mel had completely new clothes.  What was wrong with her old ones?  She was given a new pair of breeches and shirt, as well as a bunch of clean socks and new boots.  They even made her throw out her old items!  And then… the worst of all… she was given a dress.  A dress.  What in the Light am I supposed to do with that?  It was promptly burned in the fire, which then got her a glare from Jaydena and was not replaced.  Thank the Creator THAT insanity is over with.  The day I wear a dress is the day I die.


The ride was spent in a carriage the entire time.  All Mel could taste in her mouth was dust and dirt.  She wanted to ride a horse and feel the wind in her hair and the sun on her face.  When nightfall came, she kicked off her shoes and felt the soft grass underneath her feet and slept under the stars, enjoying the taste of nature.  A city would never be the place for her – out in the woods was simply where she belonged, enjoying the simple country.  Hopefully, Tar Valon would not be too big.


"Well Melainia, welcome to Tar Valon, the greatest city in the world and your new home."  Oh Snap.  This was so not anything like home.


They were led into the city, through winding busy streets, and Mel could smell the fragrance of fresh bred and fruit through the curtains.  Well, maybe city life isn’t so bad.  I wonder how much time we will spend out here.  Then she saw a huge White Tower out of the corner of her eye.  Anything could be placed beside it, and the huge Tower would make it appear a dwarf.  Whoever lived there had to be important.


As they got closer and closer to the tower, Mel realized that was indeed their destination.  They pulled into a yard beside the opening of the tower, and Mel could see men training nearby.  She asked the stablehand, who helped them out of the carriage, who that was.  He answered her that that was the Warders Yard, the men who protected Tar Valon and the Aes Sedai.  Warders Yard?  Mel looked at the men that had traveled with Jaydena Sedai.  Were they Warders as well?  That was certainly something she could do.


Jaydena Sedai whisked her away up stairs and through long halls, till they arrived at an office door.  Jaydena Sedai opened the door and pushed her inside.  There was a woman sitting behind a large desk with many papers on it.  “Melainia Mosagina.  She was tested.” And with that, Jaydena Sedai slammed the door, leaving Mel alone.  Oh My…


Melainia Mosagina

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