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[COL] AoL High Volume One

Justen Diablos

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Dramatis Personae


Lews Therin ~ The Dragon

Elan Morin ~ Ishamael

Ishar Morrad ~ Aginor

Tel Janin ~ Sammael

Ared Mosinel ~ Rahvin

Mierin Eronaile ~ Lanfear

Saine Terasind ~ Mesaana

Barid Bel ~ Demandred

Joar Addam Nessosin ~ Asmodeon

Kamarile Moradim ~ Graendal

Eval Ramman ~ Balthamel

Duram Laddel ~ Be'lal

Lillen Moiral ~ Moghedian

Nemene Damender ~ Semirhage


Also Starring


Latra Posae

Ilyena Moerelle


The Beginning


There was a distinct lack of wind in the city of Paaran Dison, the World's Capitol city and home of the renowned Servants of All.  If more was known about the Age of Legends then the wind would perhaps exist, and blow through various places on it's way towards the High School located near the heart of the city.  The wind, if it existed, would not have been the beginning.  There are neither beginnings nor endings in a world created by an amazing author, or stories written by a young man heavily influenced by the afformentioned writer's works incedentally.  But it was a beginning.


Lews Therin carried two bags through the hallways of the men's dorm, looking for the room he left what seemed like only yesterday.  He wondered silently if Elan would be there, I wonder if Elan will be here. as usually his friend was among the first to arrive anywhere.  Or for that matter usually the first to make any sort of life changing decisions that would affect the world and it's overall direction.  He had missed Elan Morin over the summer, in fact he'd missed all his friends and was looking forward to another year at Paaran Dison High, the most exclusive of all schools.  He checked the hallway one more time to make sure he was in the right one Where in the name of the Can Breat am I? and for that matter where and what is the Can Breat. Finally Lews spotted his room exactly where he left it, and let all other thoughts go as he walked toward his door. As long as I'm never buried there I guess I'm alright


As Lews arrived at the door and before he could reach for the handle it swung open.


Elan Morin:    Lews! It's great to see you, you made it through the summer!  This time anyway, future summer's will burn hotter than this one I assure you.  Yes, yes *rubs hands gleefully*  Burn they will.  Tear the skin from the flesh and sear the bone, leaving behind nothing but pain. Pain and FIRE! FOREVER! 


Lews Therin:    Somebody hasn't taken their sane drops today.  Take them now.  Yes, it's good to see you too Elan.


Elan pulls a bottle of pills out of his pocket and pops one into his mouth.  His eyes, which had been filling up with flames and taking on a dangerous set, regained their normal state.  He opened the door wider for Lews, allowing him entrance into their room.  Noting it was just as he left it Lews began to unpack.


Lews Therin:    Place looks exactly the same, good to be home.  What news Elan?  I've been so busy this summer I haven't kept up on everything.


Elan Morin:    There's a new student this year, a prodigy named Joar Addam Nessosin.  He was just given his third name over the summer! He'll be the only one at school this year with a third name.


This news came as a bit of surprise to Lews, who was hoping to take pride of place this year as the school's foremost student. If some other came in already having his third name it could mean trouble, especially if he ran against Lews for the schools next presidential election, which would take place this year.


Lews Therin:    What did he do to earn it?


Before the question is even out of Lews' mouth Elan is headed towards the soundbox.  He turns it on and gestures toward Lews as if it will answer his question.


Because I want it all,

Or nothing at all.

There's nowhere left to fall,

it's now or never.


Is it all?

Or are we just friends?

Is this how it ends...


Lews quickly shuts it off.


Lews Therin:    That's horrible, what is it, and what does that have to do with Joar Addam?


Elan Morin:    It's his band, Asmo-town.  They formed up over the summer and already released that one song.  The commitee of third names decided he was a prodigy based on that alone.  I think they're just a little desperate lately.  Catching at straws and chasing shadows in the dark, looking for excellence where none exists.  Searching for a hero where none stand.  Hoping to stave off the dark tide that threatens to swallow the world and everything in it.  But it's too late for that, too late for all of it.  Certainly an androngenous singer of questionable sexual orientation will not save them their sensative skin from the flames, nor will it save their blood from being spilt by the horror that is to come. Bloo...


Lews Therin:    I get it, Elan, I get it.  Your condition has certainly advanced hasn't it?


Elan Morin:    I'm sorry what?


Lews Therin:    No matter, just maybe take another of those sane drops okay bud.  Do you know if he happens to be planning on running for the Presidency?


Elan pops another one of his yellow pills.


Elan Morin:    Actually he's already stated publically that he will not.  Unfortunately Latra Posae has already put her name up for candicacy. 


Lews Therin:    Latra! how could she? she's an uptight bi ... well she's not popular!


Elan Morin:    She's actually gaining quite a bit of support from the women, and may manage to swing almost every female vote the way she's going about it.  Her platform is mainly based on making Andrea Dwarkin books required curriculum, forcing all men to attend classes for barbarism, and pizza friday's.


Lews Therin:    Pizza friday's huh?  She's a clever one Latra is.  Perhaps I could do a Taco Tuesday or something like that.  *he notes Elan's reaction* What is it?


Elan Morin:    Taco's! The last time I had them it brought pain and fire and blood.  The world was spinning out of control towards the dark and ....


Lews Therin:    Are you okay?


Elan Morin:    Yeah, fine. Just have bad taco memories is all.


Lews Therin:    We'll just scratch taco's off the platform then.  Don't worry, I'll think of something.  In the meantime I need to go see Mierin.  It's been almost one hour since I last saw her and if I don't go now I'll have to hear about missing the deadli.... erm, I mean I want to see her.


Elan Morin:    I'll go with you, we can stop of at Ishar's room on the way.  See if he's in yet.


Lews nervously checks his watch and glances casually from side to side, looking for a way out. 


Lews Therin:    Yeah, I...um, guess that would be okay.


Ishar Morrad, as Lews remembered him a slight man.  A botanist, or future botanist, certainly he already had all the talent for it.  The boy engineered plants already that amazed with their medicinal properties.  Last year he had possessed a room all to himself, at least after one of his 'pets' had eaten his former roomate.  Lews made a mental note to keep out of reach of some of Ishar's larger plantlife.  Better keep away from his larger plantlife.


Okay that needs to stop.




Get to know your Forsaken.


Aginor, second in power only to Lews Therin and Ishamael (perhaps Lanfear, bit iffy on it), was known before the war as Ishar Morrad Chuain.  One of the foremost biological scientists of the AoL, aginor understood the most basic structures of living things better than anyone else in the age.  His work mainly centered around new variations of plant life, both ornamental and as crops.  His reason for going over to the Shadow was because he felt only the Dark would allow him to expirement as he pleased.  This included human and animal subjects.  Father of the Trollocs, Draghkar, and Gholam Aginor is indeed one bad man.


End Intermission




As the two approached Lews noted that the door to Ishar's room was already open, clearly already occupied.  Motioning slightly for Elan to procede him (he certainly wasn't going in that room first) Lews made towards the room. 


Elan Morin:    Ishar? Ishar are you here.


The room itself was packed with plants, growing up and down the walls and coming up through the floor.  Lews noted in some cases plants were sprouting from the ceiling itself.  The two boys carefully edged around the more ravenous looking ones and called out for Ishar.


Ishar Morrad:  Elan! Lews! Is school started again?


Lews Therin:    Of course it is, we wouldn't be here otherwise.  Do you mean you haven't left campus?


Ishar Morrad:  I haven't left this room.  Been so busy. busy busy busy working. Working I tell you.  Besides how could I leave my children here all by themselves to perish in the summer heat?  This is my life, why would I leave it?  I need you both to see something.


Elan and Lews trade glances before following Ishar near the back of the room.  They find him standing over a potted plant, very small compared to most of Ishar's other 'pets'.  Lews was left wondering what was so special about it.  Ishar noticed the look right away.  Locked in his own world he might be, he wasn't always lost in it.  Occasionally Ishar could be quite quick on the uptake.


Ishar Morrad:  It speaks the old tongue.  I just created it two weeks ago and it almost immediately started talking.  Isn't that amazing.


The plant started mumbling in an indecipherable language, clearly speach, but just as clearly Lews understood none of it.


Lews Therin:    What's it saying?


Ishar Morrad:  I don't know, I don't speak the old tongue.


Trying not to shake his head Lews carefully frames his next question.  Ishar could be slippery when it came to getting answers sometimes.


Lews Therin:    Well, call me an idiot but what good is a plant that speaks a language no one knows?


Ishar Morrad:  Well, idiot. heh heh, that one never gets old. *ahem* yes well the good comes in the fact that it speaks at all, the fact that it's unintelligable is at this moment irrelevant.  It's the first step in my greater pl... um, well it's just a good step for science.


It's at this point Elan bends down and begins speaking to the plant in it's native tongue.  Both Lews and Ishar watch on in amazement as the conversation moves back and forth, finally ending as Elan stands back to his full height.


Lews Therin:    I didn't know you could speak the old tongue.


at the same moment Ishar blurts out


Ishar Morrad:  What did it say?


Thinking carefully Elan begins slowly.


Elan Morin:    Mostly it just rants, I think it taught me a few more curse words.  Here's the gist though.  Something something darkness, something something eternal damnation,  a little bit of a run on boring a hole in the seal and unleashing the madness and fire upon the world.  A bit more death and destruction, kind of got a little preachy when the subject came back around to eternal damnation. Then back to drilling a hole in the bore again, claimed you could link the two halves of the power. Then closed up with it's general unrest at you personally Ishar because apparantly you haven't watered it  in like 3 weeks.


Lews Therin:    Three weeks! Ishar you don't deserve a plant like this.  *checking his watch he remembers something* In fact I could give this as a gift to Mierin.  She would take care of it, she's oh so sweet and loving.


About to comment Ishar is momentarily struck speachless by that last comment, giving Elan time to break in.


Elan Morin:    Might not be a bad idea Ishar, the plant has very dark plans for you.  Best be rid of it.


Ishar Morrad:  Very well, it's served it's purpose anyway.  I shall just create another, perhaps one that speaks our tongue.


Lews nods as if that's settled and picks up the plant.  Prepared to leave alone he's a bit surprised and chagrined when he realizes that both of his companions are following him out.  The trio makes it another few steps down the hall before they're approached by a tall man with dark hair escorted by a woman on each arm.


Ared Mosinel:  Lews. I've been looking for you, have a minute?


Lews Therin:    I actually have to run, I'm late for meeting with Mierin and I have this gift of a plant for her.  So if we could maybe do this another time....


Ared Mosinel:  No, no, I'm sorry.  I actually meant that as a rhetorical question.  You see the A-train's actually quite busy *eyes the two ladies meaningfully* making memories if you know what I mean.  I've got things to be about. But this is important, and I need you to hear me out.


Lews Therin:    Alright, I guess if it'll only take a moment.


Ared Mosinel:  Come on Lews, you know the A-dawg.  You think I really have time to sit in the hall and converse with you all.  I mean maybe you're down enough to roll with A-Mos but you're two little buddies are certainly beneath me, not unlike their mothers in that respect. Ouch!


Elan Morin    Though we will be on the same side of the conflict to come I will make sure that your funeral pyre burns hotter and higher than all the rest.  Indeed, the pain that is so eternal will visit you day and night, night and day for longer than your mind can grasp.  Forever is indeed a word bandied about without really understanding the meaning, you will understand it's meaning Ared Mosinel, you will understand it intamately.  BLOOD AND FLAMES SIR!!!!! FIRE AND DEATH!!!!


Lews Therin:    Drops Elan, now.  Jeez man, take hold of yourself.


Elan Morin:    Righto, sorry.


As Elan takes yet one more of his yellow pills Ared begins, slowly.


Ared Mosinel:  Here's how I see it Lews, you've got a bit of a problem with Latra Posae running against you for presidency.  You and I both have the same goal, to win this election and be the class president for our junior and senior years.  Unfortunately ol' A-rock has been a bit more busy with the females and not as focused on the prize, and you've got quite a bit more support than I do.  So I concede that you would indeed beat me in an election.  You may not beat Latra though, because right now she's garnering all the women's votes.  Mierin can't help you, because your girl's not exactly the most popular with her fellow biotches.  So you need me, I can deliver women. *eyes the two women next to him with an ironic grin* I mean I can deliver  know what the a-pex is saying?


Lews Therin:    Actually no, don't really follow.


Ared Mosinel:  The fat lady may or may not be singing but she's definately all up in a-dizzle's room after the show.  That's what I'm talkin' bout.


Lews Therin:    Still not so much on the same page methinks.


Ared Mosinel:  If I'm on the ticket as your second, the ladies will come out in droves to make A.M. they're vote for the P.M.  You picking up what I'm layin' down yet?


Lews Therin:    You want to be my vice?


Ared Mosinel:  Exactly, but don't make a decision right away.  Think it over, let a-money run through your brain for a bit like I run through the ladies where they sit.  ooooh, might have to hi five myself on that one. Self love babay.


Lews Therin;    Alright, I'll think about it, but right now I have to go.  Mierin's waiting for me, and she gets a bit upset when I'm late.  I mean I know you all think she's a real harridan but really she's a sweet girl, and I luv my little pumpkin sooo much... erm. I mean, I need to go see this girl so I can up and unleash the Dragon on her.  Know what I'm sayin chief?


Ared Mosinel:  Okay that just sounded dumb.  Now be off, the A to z of baggin the ladies needs to get up on his game right quick.  Think about what I said though.


Lews heads away quickly, even as he's heading out to the park where's he's supposed to meet Mierin he spots her heading his way.  Seeing her face the other two quickly head off in different directions.


Mierin Eronaile: Lews! Where have you been!? I've been waiting for nearly three minutes.  You've been with that raven haired trollop again haven't you?  I knew she wasn't the mailwoman!  I'll kill her!


Lews Therin:    No, that's not it at all sugar bear.  You see, I was out getting you this plant. It speaks the old tongue.


Lews hands her over the gift and prays to the creator that it works.


Mierin Eronaile:  Awwww, Lewsy, I love you so much, thank you. 


Mierin talks quietly with the plant for a moment.


Mierin Eronaile:  I don't know what he's saying right now but I'll figure it out someday.  What else have you been up to my heart?  Have you been working on your campaign?  You know how important it is that you take over the school as president don't you?  You have to be in the most commanding position of the school, you need to have that stature.


Lews Therin:    Actually I just got through talking to Ared Mosinel about perhaps becoming my running mate, I'll need him I think to beat Latra.


Mierin Eronaile:  Very good Lews, he would indeed be an asset.  Perhaps it won't be that long before you won't need me to hold your hand anymore.  Of course *she adds playfully* if you ever do let go of my hand I'll burn you and anyone near you to the ground. 


Lews Therin:    Oh don't worry snugglekins, we'll be together forever.


And with that the two walk off towards the classroom portion of the school.  This story is at an end, but it is just another turning in the endless wheel of time, and there are more to come. 


Written by,

Justen Diablos

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