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Approved WY bio for Taron Seil- CC'd by the Freelanders


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Character’s name: Taron Seil


Age: sixteen


Place of origin: Saladea


Hair color: sandy blonde and brown mix


Eye color: dark brown


Height: 5’8


Weight: 135


Brief history: My name is Taron and I grew up in Saladea with my mother (from Saladea), father (shienar) and younger sister. My younger sister tallia died when I was fourteen she was captured by mydrall along with my mother. While I and my father were out hunting when we returned they were both dead along with a trolloc dead were they had fought the shadow spawn. Which was when I decided to join the warders to protect woman every where no mater what the odds and battle the shadow. I wear my hair in the shienarian topknot. I want to learn how to use the ashandarei a weapon shown to me by the leader of a traveling army when I was on my two year journey waiting to be old enough to join the warders I also wants to learn to shoot better then anyone and use knives better then anyone. My journey to Tar Valon would of course not take two years. And I knew that so I decided that I wanted to see the great cities starting at the bottom so I left Saladea for illian and Tear. Finding nothing amazing about them I decided to look to the topless towers of cairhien making it to cairhein and those amazing towers in the winter of my fifteenth naming day. While there I found my love for knives watching a young thief catcher defend himself with them. I stayed in Cairhein only long enough to learn a thing or two with the thief catcher while there I constantly followed this thief catcher watching him egging him to show me and finally he showed me a couple tricks enough to defend myself when I needed to. Finally after staying with the thief catcher a little while it was time for me to make my way to Tar Valon arriving right after my sixteenth naming day I was finally here! I made my way straight to the tower and that’s how I got here.


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