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Sometimes the world is just too serious... Let's have some fun!


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    If this has been done before, it probably should be done again, because if there is one thing this world does not lack is stupidity or just funny situations.

    So, I am going to put myself out on a limb and talk about one of my many embarrasing moments. If any of you would like to join in, so we can have a laugh or two, please join in.


    I am a custodian and I had to go through a training. We were talking one day about the equipment we use and how we use it. Just for your information, the big garbage can with wheels, we call a "brute". Sometimes it will have a bag on it that will hold various supplies and chemicals (For instance disenfectant that is labeled DD-33). We call that a "bra". So this female custodian asks me why we would need a bra for our brute and I say "If you didn't have a bra on your brute you couldn't hold your DD".


     I'm just glad I didn't get slapped or busted for sexual harrasment.


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