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What does everyone think will be the outcome of TG?

In terms of:


2.Tuantha-Travelling People

3.Sra Folk



1. I believe the Whitecloaks will be bound to the White Tower after TG because the WT doesn't let go of you until it done with you


2.I believe the Travelling People will stop travelling and set up guilds in cities.  I believe the general population will begin to repect the People of the Way of The Leaf.


3.I believe the Sea Folk will become something like the East Indian Trading Company.  The Sea Folk may have sectors inside cities that on water like China Town.


4.I believe in the 4th Age new nations will emerge.  The Trolloc Wars and the War of the Hundred Years resulted in new nations so TG must result in new nations too.  The only problem I see with this is Andor.  Eylane will will be stuck in the old ways of Andor while new nations emerge.  I believe for Andor to move on Eylane will have to step down at some point or be assinated.


Well what does everyone think about my question and theory.

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    WOW!! What a question. I personally don't have a clue, but a couple thoughts.

      1. I would like to see Galad purge the whitecloaks back to what they were initially. Actually bringing in true darkfriends instead of anyone who looks at them strange. I would like to see them going to TG and making a significant dent to the shadow.

      2. I, like you, would like to see good come to the travelling people. That they find the song and it also has significance. Not exactly sure what kind. I almost don't want to see them settling down, more become peddlers and tradesmen that sell wares and fix things from town to town. But not being shunned like now.

      3. Have absolutely no clue. Sorry.

      4. I would like to see Malkier or Manetheren come back, even though I doubt it will happen. There's my go of it. Good Thread.

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1) Change the way they act for the better, and actually begin to deserve the term "Children of the Light".


2)Probably just continue on the way they are now.


3) Set up trade routes between the regular nations and Seanchan.


4) With the Dark One defeated, the blight will withdraw, allowing nations like Malkier to thrive again.




5) (Seanchan) Probably become more peaceful with Mat ruling them, and open up trade with the rest of the world.

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1. Frankly, I don't see the Children surviving Tarmon Gai'don. Not enough of them to go on anyway.


2. No idea. They seem to be congragating in Seanchan held lands, so maybe they play some part in the cultural changes we know are coming to Seanchan.


3. Perhaps claim the Isles of the Amayar for real? They have some problems coming in dealing with men being able to channel now--their society is too matriarchal to handle that with ease.


4. I do not see the Nations collapsing. Not fully. Too much has been developed around those that will lead them--between Elayne with Andor and Cairhein, Darlin with Tear, Perrin and Faile with Saldaea, Matin Stepeneos with Illian, Tuon with Seanchan.


One thing i will say is that I find it extremely unlikely that Malkier or Manethere will return. They are dead and gone and the world is moving forward. Similarily i don't see Tarabon, Amadicia or Altara escaping Seanchan control. They are too entrenched there now. It's part of the reason i think RJ planned on having Elayne take Andor and Cairhein--to provide a power balance to Seanchan in the Westlands.



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