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The Scribes welcome all to the Blue Sky Days poetry jam


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The Earth has turned, it is mud-luscious spring and the Illuminators/Scribes invite DragonMount to whistle with the little lame balloonman.


Go to the Illuminators. Visit the Scribes.  Step out of your norm and trumpet your creativity!



I invoke my rights as a member of the Illuminators to call for a poetry jam.  I don't care if it rhymes, if it sings, if it crawls, creaks or caterwauls.  Prosey, poesy, couplet, tetrameter, slinky, slinky, so fun it's a wonderful toy.


I want a celebration of Spring.  Now.  Celebrate the slipping grasp of old man Winter and the rise of Demeter, goddess of the harvest.  Raucaus, glaucaus, Bacchalarian rites right here in your face.


I don't want criticism, I want a pure, unadulterated stream of best-shot, straight from the gut, pure emotion.  This is what we are, right?  Let's go, open to all.  East coast, West, North, South, Far East, the compass rose is spinning itself like a shuriken in flight. 


Let's rock.

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