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A Test of Faith [Attn Saline]

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor

Many Many years ago...

Sydney could hear the clamor of shocked and fearful voices echoing down the halls even from inside the thick oak doors which stood nearly two spans above her head. The Tower Library, with its vast halls of books big enough to house a small village, seemed a ghost town with the events that were going on now. No one would be here, maybe not for a day or two… all things considered.


Clenching her teeth together once more, trying not to sick up at the thought of what they were doing right now to her Sister at this very moment, she raced down the paths shown to her long ago… her blood red shawl adored with thorny rose vines flaring out behind her, treasures and secrets clutched tightly to her breast.


For not the first time since it’s discovery, she considered the wisdom of her older Sister’s decision to keep what they had found a secret, to hide it from the world… but no, perhaps they would do more than just Still her now if they learned what her Sister meant to keep from them … perhaps kill her for it… as well as anyone else who knew and never said anything.


Once more she nearly sicked up.

Stilling was never easy to think of happening to anyone, especially not yourself.


No, the secret had to be hidden not just for Mother Bonwhin… but for her Ajah as well. No one could ever know the Truth. They must not know what Bonwhin had kept hidden away all these long years. The Truth … what the Red Ajah did not already hold as their truth … would have to die with her. She would have to try to direct the Ajah as best as she could, without this precious thing.


Pulling out a specific book on a neglected and overlooked shelf in a rarely used section of the library, a section that perhaps only the dullest of Browns ever went to dust, Sydney placed the items into the secret compartment and closed the door leaving the Truth… in utter and complete Darkness.




It was the the Rose Quarters in the Hall of the Red Ajah that Maegan sat in her usual well cushioned leather chair as she pondered over the device that sat in front of her. To every object that she studied there was a story that lay under every layer of mystery that shrouded that object among so many unnumbered more. Beside the object in question was a set of beautiful red porcelain cups, two to be exact, and a pot of hot tea just freshly made with a light green tea from the East of Mayene. She was expecting a guest, and she should be arriving any moment.


After admitting a desire to study the Ter'Angreal that had been in Perine's possession, Maegan acquired it for study as well as to learn as much as she could from the knowledge. After the first viewing, the Highest had been hesitant to share the knowledge outside of the initial group that had been in attendance. Too many events had passed that the Ter'Angreal had gone on forgotten. Perhaps it was in hopes to put of the remembrance of the implications of what the Ter'Angreal held, or there were other reasons that Maegan had yet to understand. However, with Perine far too busy to take such matters into her own hands, Maegan placed it on herself, as a Sitter of the Red Ajah, to individually inform younger and the uniformed Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah about such matters. Thus allowing and keeping the knowledge alive should there be a need for the knowledge to arise. Testing the Ter'Angreal had started it all, now the passing of the information was left all to Maegan.


Maegan frowned, deep in thought. The Red Ajah was built on such a strong core, many did not approve or even acknowledge that perhaps by some weaving of the Pattern, their purpose could be any different than what they had been lead to believe when they took up the Red Shawl. Some had held on to their beliefs for over 200 years, and others longer. To suddenly change this believe, especially for an Aes Sedai, was nigh impossible.


A knock on the door broke through Maegan's thoughts. Standing and smoothing her soft brown skirts Maegan called, "Enter."




Maegan Ryanne Sedai

Sitter of the Red Ajah

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