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Hi everybody. Just joined the site, and have to admit this is the first forum I've ever been a part of, so go easy on me. I've been a fan of the series for years now. After every new release I reread all the previous novels before I read the new one. Haven't gotten around to Knife of Dreams yet, mostly due to finals. Plan to buy it Thursday. Does anyone else reread the series before each new novel or am I a freak like that!? :lol: Looking forward to some good times on Dragonmout!

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I think just about everyone on this site rereads the series before the newest book. It's the only way to do it. I'm positive you'll love KoD, it is the best book in the series since Lord of Chaos. There are spoilers all through out the site, most of the threads warn you though. AHve fun this place is great!

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Guest Egwene

lol.. got to your other thread first... but welcome again anyway :wink:


I envy everyone that still has unread WoT ahead of them. Though I do think the best read is the first re-read. It just all makes so much more sense. So many things that you never realized were of any importance suddenly jump out at you....


.. and spoilers... well, sometimes they just wet the appetite even more!!

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