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It's just a Screwdriver.. [Attn Andular/Open] Repost

Guest Arie Ronshor

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Guest Arie Ronshor

The Lay of the Land as always would be the perfect place to put up your feet, relax, and enjoy the continuous stream of beautiful women, and men, while over a pint or shot of spirits. The music was always upbeat and pleasant and there would never been the worry of going home alone. To Cairma, it was the one place she could go for a 'drink' without any worry of someone spiking it with something that would compromise her current condition. A nice large glass of orange juice could easily be mistaken for a spiked drink and she could enjoy it without worry of someone questioning her choice of beverage. All the serving girls had recieved the lecture from one Mrs Isabelle not to serve Cairma spirits on account of thier bed and meal for the next week. Not always a big drinker, this suited Cairma fine.


However, some days she wished she could.


Being only a week since she had admitted the truth to Aran and Brand, she felt she needed to relax, if even for a little, before committing to any plan. Only just arriving back from the Borderlands Cairma was reluctant to head out once again. But it was better this way, She thought as she sipped the beverage carefully. The fire roared in the large fireplace along the far wall, just beside her as she stared into it thoughtfully. She missed having her weapon, Beast had never been far from her, but yet at the rate at which it was being made Cairma would swear that she would pop long before the sword would be ready.


Musing, she turned to order a second drink when someone familiar caught her eye. She rarely saw the man, but knew him more by name and partially from reputation. Whats he doing here? And she called to him as he was moved within earshot.


"Did Brand send you here or are you on your own terms, Andular?" There was a smile to her lips as she mentioned Brand. Once in a while the Commander would send his guards here to 'relax' and although it was not something she would openly think about, it was always good for a laugh or two. Unless He had been sent here for different reasons. .. Or maybe on his own terms.. She awaited an answer.




Cairma Vishnu

Bonded to Jaydena


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Guest Arie Ronshor

Walking through the streets of Tar Valon Andular stopped at the stand of a vendor selling heron marked blades. Poor imitations at best and he gave the plump man behind the counter a frown as he examined them.


“You cannot buy a heron marked blade it must be earned.” He said in disgust as the man cleared his throat nervously wishing he were anywhere else. “If I come back this way and you are still trying to sell this garbage we will have a long discussion on what it takes to earn this honor.”


The man bowed and stammered saying he would vacate the market immediately and began packing his things.


Turning back into the street and making his way through the throngs of people crowding the square he quickly turned down a side street. The morning had been spent training a new recruit in the yard which had proved to be thirsty work. Some time away from the yards and a pint of ale were in order and soon he found himself outside the Lay of the Land.


Pushing the doors open he walked into the common room filled with laughter and music. A young woman with an ample bosom pushed past him carrying a tray full of glasses and he paused to admire her for a moment.


Andular always liked this bar for that very reason and he found himself humming as a smile spread across his face. Walking toward the bar he noticed Cairma sitting there and feeling mischievous he approached her. The woman had eyes in the back of her head and he pulled up a stool next to her as she spoke.


“I go where I want and do what I wish woman. I am not some errand boy sent here by the Commander I can assure you that.”


Cairma glanced at him an eyebrow rising in warning for addressing her as woman causing him to chuckle.


“Peace Cairma I am here to relax and not to cause trouble and thought I would share your company.


Taking a pipe from his pocked he filled it with tbac and lit it with an ember from a nearby candle. Ordering an ale he looked into Cairma’s cup. “Drinking spirits eh? Another drink for the lady and give her a double shot in her drink.” He told the barkeep. “What brings you here this time of day?”



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Guest Arie Ronshor

Woman? She inwardly wrinkled her nose at his address. Off duty, even a comment like that tended to be uncalled for unless amoung friends. Or it's Aran. Then it was known to be done in jest. Cairma relaxed a little as Andular retracted a little and the smile on his face returned as Cairma's face also lifted a little.


"I would not more suspect the Commander ordering than any other to come of their own free will. Especially if send here for nothing more than to relieve stress." The barmaid returned with her second drink and a wink at Andular before returning to help anouther. Cairma saw the look on Andulars face as he also caught the wink and she chuckled. "It would seem that I was not too far off the mark, Andular."


Finishing off her last 'spirit' she went for the second, sipping it as she had the first. Nothing but juice. Shame.


"Like all the come here, I was in need of a place to relax that had more adult company. Since dusk I've been doing nothing but beating life into Trainees that hope to be Tower Guards one day. Here seemed like as good of a place as any to put up my feet." Her eyes twinkled with amusement. "The same could be asked of you. Drinking doesn't usually start for anouther hour or so... Unless you prefer to be perpetually drunk."




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