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Some Sad News...


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I don't know how many of you know (I didn't until I logged in this morning), but the literary world is one less of a great writer now. The man who brought us altogether at DM, the one and only Robert Jordan, sadly passed away on Sunday 16th September 2007 after a fight against a horrid disease.


Please read the post on his blog written by his cousin for more information.


There are two places to post your sympathies. One is the blog itself, and the other is in this thread.


According to the DM Staff Board, Jason will be attending the funeral on DM's behalf. Once more is known, I will be posting details of DM's memorial to the great RJ.


Please note that volume of users at DM will increase, and this will cause the site to run much slower than normal.


Even though I wasn't a great fan of his writing, especially in the latter books, but Knife of Dreams did show me he could write well after some stale books, he will still be missed as an author and one the greats of Fantasy.

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