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Night's Final Howl... return of a legend.. and the fool


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Liking the look of Dragonmount, like what you did with the place Jason.


For those that know me and those that haven't had the honour *bows formally*

My name be Wolfsbane- though it may have changed, Night's howl still breathes in my soul, and it is a pleasure to have a chance to role play again.


Though I haven't noted if the Silly Boards be up or not, I'd like to say hello to those that remember me from several years ago before life became intolerable..

-Txarki, Kuro, Mehrin, Gena, Owen, Nightsfire, Sosumo, Keiyra, Daharal, and anyone else I've forgotten.


Hope to meet as many of you as I can and get back into the Dragonmount community, t'would be slick.

Umm.. yeah lemme see..

19 years old, Canadian, and Perrin and/or Thom are probably my favourite characters.


-Erik Nighthowl~

-Tyarrine Il'yair'mael~




"If history is to change, let it change. If the world is to be destroyed, so be it. If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh."-Magus

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Not bad old man, little longer in the tooth now and studies are winding down. Just trying to get back into the mess o things 'ere- maybe you can lend me some advice with gettin on the good side of the wolfies' leader.

How's things been Owen? Not nearly as exciting as when I was here couple o' years back, but I can understand that.

Grab an ale and have a chat, one and all, Nighthowl feels like a brewsky and getting caught up.

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