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Letter of Manwë - Tolkien/Wheel of Time Crossover

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We leave this in written form, for there is no other way for us to tell you this - we love you. You are our brothers and sisters on Earth. I know that our actions make you believe we favor the Elves, but that is not true - we love you no less than we loved them. I shall confess that we often struggle to understand you, but despite all your flaws, we have always known your beauty and we have always known this - you are worth fighting for.

Because of that we will do what we will. Sauron has been defeated - Olórin has succeeded and we have no way to thank him. But nonetheless, he remains in Arda - he might be weak, but he can still cause so much suffering. And I do not even want to imagine what Ungoliant is capable of.

But Melkor...he is here. We can feel his essence all too well. For you he might be banished, but we know he is still here. He is trying to break the Doors of Night and we cannot fight him any longer. We are tired. However, Tulkas has made a plan that might work - it will stop him and all the others who are with him from escaping. But there will be changes you must know about.

Death will no longer be final for you, at least if our plan goes the way we think it will. I will not waste words: you will be born again and again. The time...it will change. It will no longer move from beginning to end. We are changing it - you will be born more than once, you will live the same lives throughout the many ages. Be careful what choices you make in the first cycle that is coming. We do not intervene with your freedom, so the first cycle will be completely made up of your choices alone - but watch out, for those choices will remain throughout the other turnings as well.

You may think us tyrants because of this. You may say we are no better than Melkor. But this is the only way to contain him now. The time for the Last Battle has still not arrived and we do not know how else to keep him away except through this. But we will not leave it at that. We will give you what we can.

I will give you the Wind. Varda will give you Fire. Ulmo the Water. Yavanna the Earth and Estë will give you the power over the spirit of Arda. Irmo will give you the Realm of Dreams.

Vairë, Aulë, Oromë, Vána, Tulkas and Nessa will do what they can to change time. They will give themselves up as the rest of us are.

We will...not be the same. We will no longer be as you thought us in stories - we will not be kings and queens over the Creation. We have seen what Melkor has done to Arda - every last part of it contains a taint of him, a piece of his power that now remains there. He has infused it all with his own essence. To protect you, we will do the same.

He...has always been the most powerful among us. That is why he can still speak with words and is well-aware of everything that happens. He is - he had enough power to give it up, while keeping himself intact. But we, as I said, will not be the same. I will no longer govern the Wind - I will be little more in mind than it, and so goes for the rest of us. Our love for you will remain, but I fear our reason and mind will leave us.

We are not dying. We cannot die, at least not in the same way you and Elves do. But we will experience the closest thing to it that we can - we will become the Powers that move through the Creation and drive out the Taint of Melkor. But we will not do it on our own - you will have to use us. Use the gifts we leave wisely.

Námo and Nienna are the only ones remaining, along with our younger kin - someone has to stay with full mind in order to guide you. Oromë is leaving his horn - whenever Melkor is rising in power, blow through it! Námo will hear it and send all your Heroes to come from the Halls of Mandos. Nienna will walk among you in forms of your bodies, and comfort you and guide you in the ways she can.

We do not know if this will work - there are so many flaws in this plan. Varda says our Powers that we leave behind will not suit themselves to everyone - only a few of you will be able to channel them and even among them she thinks there will be a divide of sorts, though we cannot know for certain. And the fate of constant death and rebirth...we are not certain if this will work. But we have no other way.

The Allfather is with us and with you. We do not fear Melkor. And we know this: no matter what he strikes you with, no matter how he tries to torment, know this forever - he cannot win unless you give up. He cannot leave the Void unless you allow him to. He cannot hold you as slaves so long as you refuse him and deny him. He still believes that he is your god, but we know in our souls that is not true.

Do not trust him - he is the Father of Lies. The Hatred itself, the Lord of Nothing. Trust in the Creator and what He has made for you. Trust one another. Forgive one another, love and have compassion for one another and never give up. We will never leave you, even if we will not speak with words. The only thing we regret is that we will not see you as you triumph over him time and time again. But maybe, on the Last Day...we will meet again.

Farewell! Farewell, our brothers and sisters, our beloved, our friends. Goodbye you, for you we do this. We will never forget what we saw when He made the Music. If only you could know how beautiful you are, how much worth you have, how much you mean to us. Every single one of you is worth more than any star that shines in the dark night. We only regret that we will not see you, but we find solace in the truth that we will stay with you forever. We will serve you and aid you - use what we leave, use us wisely.



(A short "story" in which I tried to crossover the two stories through short explanation, while trying to demonstrate the love the Valar have for humankind.

Please tell me what you think:)

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