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[TV] Shear Genius


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Guest Yveva

ok. I know, I know, most of you don't watch Bravo reality shows, however...


Last night was the season finale of Top Design and I really enjoyed it. Each of the remaining two designers had to design their dream loft space. What a cool challenge! And they did fantabulous work. Even though I wasn't super in to all the episodes this season I think that it has the potential of being as strong or stronger than Project Runway (I know, I know, blasphemy).


But on to the topic of this post... Shear Genius. I wasn't sure how they could stretch hair-cutting in to a full hour, but they did it well. Each episode will have a hair cutting challenge (apparantly on a mannequin head). The judge then ranks the cuts from worst to first, this determines the order for picking models. The models have a variety of hair textures so being first is a MAJOR advantage.


The first elimination challenge was to create hair art. The stylists had ten minutes at Michaels to buy what they needed and then two hours to get everything in place. I don't know why, but I just liked it. And for once a drama-causer was the first one eliminated! Which is only fair, because his was horrid. I could have done it by following these steps: 1. Put three different coloured hair extensions in the dryer. 2. Staple to model's head in three different bunches. 3. Claim it's the best thing ever and be totally shocked when others don't agree.


For some reason I am disproportionately interested in this show. But it makes me wonder, what's left for upscale reality competitions? One about floral design? Plastic surgery?

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