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Has anyone else been playing Wordle


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I've become hooked on playing it every day and look forward to the new puzzle each day. If I'm lucky I can get the word in three guesses but usually it's 5 or 6. If you play it what are the strategies you use to help figure out the word? I usually try to knock out as many vowels as I can in the first guess and go from there. Some times I'll guess a word even if it puts what I have out of order just to use up more consonants and any remaining vowels. It's hardest when there is a word that had two letters used twice since it doesn't tell you so you just have to guess. I really enjoy words games and this one is no exception

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1 hour ago, VooDooNut said:

I had no idea this was a thing! Playing it right now after a quick internet search. I'm taking the same vowel strategy as you.


Here's a link for the uninitiated:



Update: got the word in 4 tries!

I had no idea what it was either but I kept seeing it everything and finally took a look and that was it for me. It's so much fun and I love the challenge of it

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