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I had already made a presentation some times ago (jaime lannister 31) and made a terrible mess with passwords etc, so coming back with a new account. Still read books 3 times in english despite being french because the translation is a disaster, loved it, even though books 8-10 are quite difficult/slow.


I am really liking the show, and my familly too, who did not read the books, too. I had always said to any one around me that wot was one of my favourite books, with big problems however, and that it was impossible to adapt on tv show, much more than GOT. Overall, I feel they have a huge task, which demands a lot if difficult choices and intelligence (for example: i am not too fond of the changes in Perrin's story, but I understand the reasons for it). Watching the show I take a lot of fun mis orienting my family on who is the dragon.


Is is suprising to see that in France, people do not know the wheel of time (#translation), and feel it is only a shity copy of lord of  the rings, with too many black actors and other idiot comments like that.  But here it looks like we are taking a nasty path.


The comments I see on the show remember me those of friends of mine, absolust purists of GOT, who hated the tv show because "they made too many changes". It was very surprising to notice how very intelligent people stop to think when it comes to something (a book) they love. They could not figure out that a full adaptation would have required 30 seasons. Same for WOT. But 300 seasons. 


I am now eager to see how they will handle some of the casting to come which appears as very hard for me: ex Lanfear, definitely a tough one. But from now, they did a good job on a very tough task.








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OMG! What a coincidence that the French translation was also crap! (As is the Dutch)

Almost as if no effort had been made to find proper translators who understand fantasy etc...


How was Harry Potter translated in French? Better? Because in The Netherlands, that was decently done. And LotR had an actual literary translator put on it. Better days.


Welcome ?

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I did not read Harry Potter, si I can not comment, but my now dead grand mother used to read it in french, while she was 80 (she was also mad of kung fu films, my gramd mother was great) and she would talk about Harry Potter all day long so I guess that was not too bad, knowing she was a french language integrist participating to orthograph competitions and former teacher.


French translation was a massive disaster. I read several tomes then understood the end written by Sanderson would not be translated, so i decided to wait for the english version. when it came out, I started again in english. And now reading it again to help my family understand the show and because I love it ?


In french, the editors changed, with different translators who took different choices of  translations. At times i could not understand what they were talking about.


LOTR in french is great. Got has a weird  translation, the first translator who was fired, decided to used massively medieval language, which makes at times I had sentences in which I had to go to the dictionnaryh every two word  ? Then i decided to gie up understanding it all and i loved the book ?





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