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So, on my current reread it caught my eye, what tremendous pressure Rand has to be under all the time. Besides the fate to fight DO and probably die somewhere in future, besides the need to fight forsaken in present, to become more skilled in power, etc, he has to do something so crazy realms, aes sedai, whitecloaks and seanchan do not kill each other even before Last Battle begins.

And what bothers me to some extent, most of his surroundings never say something like "hey, Rand, I get that should be really hard, tell me what's bothering you now, let's have some beer". ? Like give the guy some emotional support already!

Prove me wrong if I'm missing something, but please don't mention something after the Lord of Chaos, as I am still finishing this book.

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I think this is right on.  It seems like Mat is afraid he is going to become violently insane, or of being pulled uncomfortably by his taveren strings.  Or that frankly he doesn't think Rand is much fun to be around anymore.  (Where is good old Perrin when we need him?!)  Egwene, concerned as she is for him, finds his "arrogance" unbearable and that they have little left in common.  She is also busy with her own training under the Wise Ones.  The Aiel treat him more normally than any of the nobles or his other supporters - as a man, not a king, not someone doomed to madness, nor the Creator made flesh.  Plus he is surrounded by conniving and deceitful power grabbers, used to getting their way and being above the law.  Rand's own internal wall about "breaking" the Aiel as a people keeps him from getting too close, the guilt already weighing on him.  And he seems too busy to make new friends.  He obviously needs some!  He gets into his own head, right beside Lews Therin tortured voice, and starts to lose his sense of self-worth with the people near him getting killed, and feeling personally responsible.  Doomed to save the world through self-sacrificie and probably destroy most of it at the same time, and on top of that, to go insane.... yeah, it's an awful hand to be dealt.  Thankfully for him, several women love him.  It's not the same as having a non-romantic friend by his side though.

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Min is the closest Rand has to this type of support, even if it is complicated by some non-platonic feelings. I don’t think anyone else could’ve just been there like that for him after Falme. Min doesn’t seem to expect anything of him much beyond being himself.


In Elayne and Aviendha’s defense they have conflicting loyalties with their peoples that can’t let them forget he’s the Dragon Reborn. Min is largely unattached and more free to see Rand only as Rand.

I think Tam could serve as this role, but Rand doesn’t want to endanger him or anyone else from Emond’s Field.

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Didn't some of the Maidens offer emotional support, albeit in the Aiel manner, as the son of a Maiden finally returned to them?


I seem to vaguely recall several examples. I don't think any/most of the examples provided Rand any comfort, but I sincerely believe they were meant to.

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