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Confused between ba’alzamon and the dark one


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Hey there, I’m new to the wheel of time community and am reading the dragon reborn. I am am currently at the part where Perrin, Loial, Moraine and Lan are on the ship going after Rand and Perrin sees Selene/Lanfear talking to Ba’lzamon. But ba’alzamon and Lanfear both refer to the dark one in third person. Up until now I thought ba’alzamon was just another name for the dark one. Then who is the person who kept coming in Matt, Rand and Perrin’s dreams up till now? I looked this up on google and am now even more confused. Would appreciate it if someone would explain this without any spoilers for the dragon reborn and the books after it. Thanks

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There are a lot of spoilers in internet my advice is not to look.

I will write the answer to your question below but i strogly suggest not to read because your confusion is intended by writer. If i am not remmembering wrong Perrin also thinks Ba'alzamon refering dark one in third person is weird.



In actuallty Ba'alzamon is Ishamael(Elan Morin Tedronai from very begining in first book who talks with Lews Therin). He was half sealed at the bore because of that he could sometimes interfere with the world(He could talk with Lews Therin for example and many other things). Basicly he is pretending as dark one but of course Lanfear knows he is not. In reality you never seen dark one in the books yet ?. All the dreams all the fights Rand and others experienced was against Ishamael...


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