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I am on my third attempt at the WoT books and I cannot tell you how much the audiobooks have helped, especially on books 8-10. For me just a mention of the Seanchan makes me want to gnash my teeth and quit. But having the audio books has been a game changer. For the first time I have made it to the Knife of Dreams, and look forward to finally finishing the series.


I am not sure if anyone else has had this, but the difference between reading and listening to the books has changed how I perceive certain characters and in all honesty how Jordan writes his female characters. (This could also be true, because my wife and I have had two daughters in the past two years, so I am way more observant about how women are betrayed in general.) For instance, Faile seems like a much better person through the audiobooks than through reading. You really see her strength of character as opposed to what seem to be antics.


For those of you who have both read and listened to the series, have you had a similar experience? Is there anything about the audiobooks you liked or hated? For instance, having the same two readers for the entire series was bloody brilliant, because although there are changes when Michael reads a character and Kate reads a character, you still have consistency for every book.

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