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Signed, Numbered copy of Towers of Midnight


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I did read the Code of Conduct and was a little unsure if this is a violation or not so here is goes. Please let me know and remove the post if it is against the rules.


Hey WoT fans.  I have an extra numbered first edition copy of Towers of Midnight from the BYU release party back in 2010. I bought one for me and one for my friend but he never paid me for it so I kept it and it's been sitting on a shelf for 9 years. I'm keeping the lower numbered copy because I had Brandon personalize it with a message (#610) and selling this one. It has the Jordan facsimile signature and Brandon's actual signature as well as it's number. I also have the numberered paper slip that went with it from the bookstore. The numbered slip of paper has "My breath to yours" written on it because I was having Brandon personalize my copy of Warbreaker at the same time and the bookstore staff asked us to please write down any personalizations that we wanted. Sorry bout it. I don't have the receipt but I do have my receipt for my copy of the Way of Kings from that release party and it was about $45 so I'd like to sell it for at least that much. If it helps prove authenticity I'm happy to send you pictures of the bookstore slips (I'm missing some) and numbered copies that I have of my other Towers of Midnight book, the Gathering Storm, A Memory of Light, Way of Kings, or Warbreaker release parties which all match and look the same. I'll be posting it on Amazon and eBay and in several other groups so if you do want it please be patient for a week or two to see what kind of price I can get for it. If you are the first person to inquire I'll give you the option to beat any price I'm offered on it. Condition is like new. This is the copy I personally read so it has been read through one time. It has been sitting on shelves and in boxes for 9 years so it's no spring chicken but it looks pretty brand new. I have pictures but it's not letting me upload for some reason!


If there's no interest that's okay! Love this series and this community.


I also have an ARC of Fires of Heaven that is several hundred pages different than the final published version if anyone is interested in that.

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