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Calandor Question (spoilers)

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So I'm reading the last few pages of TGS, and I can't get over how rand keeps saying that Calandor can't be used properly without him being at the will of a woman or something like that. Saying that the sword is "just another box". But where the hell did that come from? I remember Cadsuane telling him that the sword was flawed, because it didn't put any barrier between the user and the taint on siadin, whereas the choedan Karl would shield rand from touching the taint when he used it. I don't EVER remember anyone saying ANYTHING in relation to Calandor and a woman. Not to mention rand uses Calandor several times with no women involved, and the only flaw seemed to be involving the taint, which is gone now.


So how does the sword have a flaw now that siadin is cleansed, and who told rand about this random, woman-based flaw? And is it possible to answer those questions without spoiling anything in TOM or AMOL?

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