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Cairhein House June Update

Guest IllOrg


Last month was a short month for me, so I don't have all the stats I'd like to share.


We currently have 17 active members. We only had a roll call for half the month so it might pick up a bit with a full run in June.


This month we will be starting a new idea. Each month we will be hosting a public discussion to pull in all members of Dragonmount. This month's topic should be a love for everyone: Food! More specifically we will be focusing on summertime foods, everything from barbequing to icecream. So come and join us here for the one thing we can all relate to: Food - Summer Time Cooking


I have a few changes to make to my list of staff needed.


We have a new Topic lead for the Web: Barmacral. He's taking over for me for two important reasons, one so that I can focus more on running than house and two most of the people interested in the web are beginners, as he is a beginner however much more school he has had, he is still in the very beginning learnng stages and is going to have more helpful information for beginners than I will. He is very bright and from what I have seen going in the right direction with his learning so I see much promise in him both as a lead and a web designer. Please come visit the Cairhien house and see him in action.


We have a second new topic lead: Claireducky. She is taking on the combined topic of Graphic Arts and Digital Manipulation. She is a graphic designer by career and I've had the pleasure of working with her and I know she will do the House proud in her efforts to help all the rest of us learn her craft. Join us in the house to see her in action.


I am still looking for four leads for the Crafters. We have combined Threads and Textiles into Textiles as my research on the topic pointed me in the same direction for what I though each of these were suppose to be. So I am still looking for the following Topic Leads:




Wood and Metal

Paper Crafts


The job is simple, however requires a little effor each month on your part. It is required that you are able to post at least one new topic a month. And try to boost participation by adding in new material at least once during the month to try to gain a bit more attention to your topic. For those months you do not have inspiration, I hope to have a resource library for you to pull from.


PM or email me (matalina@gmail.com) if you are interested in helping us out.


So all of you not part of the Illuminators, come check us out on our public board and join us for our Summer Time cooking. We'd love to have you stop by and share your plans, meals and even maybe learn something new.





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