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Murder in the Yards

Guest Matalina


murder in the yards

Random murders are happening amongst the members of the Warders Yard. A search is formed to track the killer down. Members of the Guard and Warders are in peril and many have come upon a body with their throat sliced. One Warder, Kwynric Gaidin, has been charged with finding out who the murderer is. He traverses each case and finds his suspect. She has the motive, but is she the right one? He found out the hard way that it's not easy capturing his murderer, with the girl in custody the murders still raged on. But the Killer started getting careless, and was seen and nearly caught after the eigth murder. The ninth murder brings the murderer down and Jasine has been assigned the horrible task of defending this vile woman.

Now it is your turn Dragonmount. A trial is underway and it will be your job to determine the outcome of the story. Come join us in the Warder's Yard as we put down this foul murder. The evidence will be presented and you will vote. Follow us to the court room.

The Trial
The Watchers
The Talk of Town - OOC Thread

What will you decide?

Additional Reading:

Phase 0: The Back Story
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Phase 1: Murder in the First
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Phase 2: Catching the Virus
Murder: Victim #9
Trial: Healing and Defense
Trial: Defenders Investigation
Trial: Meeting the Different Faces
The Trial
The Watchers
The Talk of Town - OOC Thread

Phase 3: Consequences
Look What We Have Here


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