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Guest Demandred


Dear Chosen,


So what do you guys like to listen to, music wise, when not torturing, trying to plot against each other or generally having your usual fun.


Wishes she was free of Semirhage




Dear Wishes,


I almost wasn't going to bother taking my time to respond to this question, as we have discussed music tastes in a previous column. I choose to respond only because I'm afraid that Asmodean did indeed put you to sleep with his response, and therefore you almost have a good excuse for not remembering.


While at times I appreciate much of the music Asmodean discussed, the fact that I am alive requires a more energetic soundtrack for my life than he would choose. I prefer to listen to rock bands such as ACDC, Led Zeppelin, and from what would seem to be more modern times in your eyes, the Foo Fighters and the early Red Hot Chili Peppers. Although this modern "pop" music is tremendously shallow in content, I find many of its rhythms to be delightfully catchy, and will admit that JT is almost a better dancer than I am.


Now, next time you feel like sleeping through one of our posts, ask Semi to use one of her tricks to keep you awake. I recommend that thing she does with peanut butter and a rhinocerous horn. It'll make you never want to sleep again, and we won't have any more of these pesky, psuedo-redundant questions.




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