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New Message forums

Guest Jason


The existing message forums at Dragonmount (http://www.dragonmount.com/forums) are going to be replaced with a new style of boards. Here are some details:


- We are replacing these out-dated, insecure, spammy forums

- We will be moving to a Simple Machines forum

- Your current username / passwords will be transfered over. You will NOT be required to re-register

- I *think* your PM's will be saved, but I am not 100% sure.

- The vast majority of posts will be ported over. Ideally, all of them would be. However, when I ran the conversion script to get them over to the new system, it choked after quite a while. But a manual scan of everything moved over seems to indicate that things were moved over.


"WHY" do we need new forums?


Well, quick simply, cause these ones suck and people have been asking for something better. :) The new SM forums will give you guys a lot of nice features, will give us (the admins) the ability to manage everything better, we can cut down on spam a lot easier, and overall provide you with a better message board experience here at DM. Plus we can finally get nested forums which everyone's been wanting!


WHEN will this be happening?


It's happening now. I will probably try the conversion script again in the next few days to see if I can convert ALL the forum posts over. I need to research the risks. My guess is that we can have the "beta" version of the boards up within a few days. You can then login and try them out. We'll get your feedback and do our best to accomodate all reasonable requests. If we DON'T take your idea, please don't be offended. :)


Feel free to reply here with your questions, suggestions, and concerns. Also, you are always welcome to email me: Jason -at- dragonmount.com


I think that's about it for now

Thanks, everyone



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