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The BotRH's Latest Music Discussions

Guest BandOrg


With the Band of the Red Hand ORG trying to get a nice balance between serious music discussions and fun posting, the month of May has seen many new threads discussing music. This post will try to review those currently active.




The Second Artist of the Month

After the success of the First Artist of the Month, the Band ran another contest to see who the Second ever Artist of the Month was going to be. With tough challenges from Britney Spears and David Bowie, The Police, championed by DeathDealer/Footman, won. The discussion is on going, and by clicking on this link, you'll get straight to the discussion!


The Eurovision Song Contest

Europe has this love for trashy music, and holds an annual event where all trashy music meets at one contest. Yes, it is none other than the Eurovision Song Contest. It is much loved and hated across the continent of Europe. However, feel free to voice your views on the forthcoming contest in Helsinki by following this link here.


Worst Lyrics Ever - Do You Agree??

After accidently stumbling an article in one of the free London Papers about the "Worst Lyrics Ever", as picked by listeners of BBC Radio 6, the Band and fellow DMers are discussing those that came up in the Top 10, while also compiling their own list. Click here to join in the fun and agree or disagree with BBC Radio 6 listeners, as we well as nominating your own!


What was your first album/single?

Sometimes it is good to remember the good old times when CDs weren't CDs, but Vinyls! Or are you afriad to show how old you are? Well, it doesn't matter! Drop by this thread to talk about the first album and single you ever bought! You will be surprised at some of the answers!


Other Discussions

There are plenty of other discussions going on as well. Feel free to drop by and say ,


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