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Welcome to "WoTever"

Guest Jason


Hi there. My name is Jason and I'm the guy that runs Dragonmount. Having been pretty deeply involved in WoT fandom for, God, nearly a decade now, sheesh, I've had a lot of fun experiences with things related to the series. But strangely enough, I've never really had a formal way to share some of the more obscure things. I mean, posting random jokes that I've heard Robert Jordan say, or learning about some really rare 1st edition book; these are all things that don't exactly belong in the main news section of DM, ya know? For a while I would post things to the forum, or put them in the DM newsletter, but I always felt there needed to be a dedicated blog for it. And to be honest, I haven't got the time to write a dedicated blog.


This is where the new "Our Community" section at DM comes in. "Wotever" is just one of several blogs written by members of our website. This one in particular will most just be my writings, but I might invite some other WoT veterens to share their crazy WoT stories too.


Here's a taste of the kind of things I might talk about, whenever it comes to mind: Robert Jordan and his wife Harriet have the original cover painting to THE DRAGON REBORN hanging in the hallway outside their bedroom. One night Harriet woke up, saw this scary face looking down at here, and was creeped out by it. So she called Darryl K Sweet (the artist) and had him paint over it! So the original painting of that book cover no longer has Ba'alzamon's face on it! If you've been around for a while and read all RJ's interviews, you may have heard this story before. But I bet you've not heard that the original painting to THE EYE OF THE WORLD is missing. Yes, it's flat out gone and nobody, not even RJ, knows where it is.


So that's the sorta thing I'll ramble about whenever I get time and think of a neat story or fact. You're welcome to email me anytime: Jason@dragonmount.com


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