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Rumors and rumors of rumors

Guest Wilson


During Dragon Conn in Atlanta last week rumors flew about that my brother/cousin was gravely ill, wasn't eating and had in fact had "Last Rites" administered. I just got off the telephone with him and he's surrounded by laughing friends and relatives and is about to enjoy a shrimp-based bowl of gumbo. He got a chuckle out of news of his impending departure.


Go back and reread RJ's blog entries and you'll know exactly what is going on. Armed with those medical facts, if any of you have shared time with very ill relatives you'll know what person looked like and felt like during the ordeal. RJ looks and feels just like that. So, we're not taking any family photos at the moment.


Fact: He is ill, very ill. He has shared that with you in medical jargon. He has told you the prognosis of his physicians and told you that he plans to beat their predictions. I pray that he will. But should it not be in the cards, he'll manage that phase of his life as he has every step he has taken thus far. So, should you hear another "rumor" it's just that. Until you hear it from RJ, Harriet or from me, it's just a rumor.


Fact: He's told you that his appetite comes and goes. It does. He's taking a handful of medications everyday to help him in the fight. Unfortunately some of them have adverse affects on the appetite. Pretty much like a kid in that regard right now. He eats when he feels up to it, and says "No Thanks!" when he doesn't. When I visited a couple of weeks back he had a hankering for Cream of Mushroom soup served with rice and a dash of tabasco. RJ and Harriet were busy in the parlor, so I whipped up the soup. He told me it was good, but not as good as when Harriet prepares it. Duh!?!?


Fact: The deacon from his church visits their home for weekly worship services and to bring communion. RJ doesn't feel up to sitting on two hundred year old wooden pews for an hour. Painful even for someone in the peak of health, which you know RJ is not. These visits are to share communion, which is a weekly (at least) part of RJ and Harriet's lives. Same goes for Janet and me. When RJ is physically stronger, he'll be back on the hard pews. I hope that whatever your faith that you are able to "Commune" with God often.


Bottom line guys, he's been completely forthcoming with you from the very beginning of this ordeal. He intends to continue that dialog. When he and I spoke a few minutes ago, I asked if he wanted to end this rumor or for me to do it? I then reminded him that the last time he wrote you he was feeling as he put it "a bit viperish" and that his posting had kicked over a huge ant hill. He allowed that perhaps I should write you guys this time. Calmer heads and all.


Keep the prayer lines open please. He's a stubborn old cuss but welcomes, appreciates, yes even needs your collective petitions to our God. I'll be seeing RJ and Harriet in a week and will give them a hug and an "I Love You" from each and every one of you.


Thanks for caring.


Peace be with each of you,




4th of 3


Epilog: Yes he is continuing to work through all of this medical calamity. MOL is going into the word processor and onto audio tapes almost daily. Not every day mind you, because the medical fight takes first priority. But, he told you he'd finish and he will. Fact is that it has been finished in his head for years. During a recent family sit around, he became the Gleeman and told the bones of it ALL to Harriet and me. You read that right, I did say ALL. Don't ask, ain't telling. Two and a half hours of story telling by the Creator himself went by in the twinkling of an eye. Truly magical. All I can say is WOW! Best stuff he's ever done. MOL is going to knock your socks off! That's a promise.


Recommended Comments

Thank you Wilson!


We want aMoL, the 2 prequels, the outrigger novels, the promised Infinity of Heaven and other books.


We want you to live another 50 years in happiness, Mr. Jordan.


So keep on fighting!

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Dear Wilson


Thanks so much for the quick update. Missed all the rumors, and glad of it. Your indepth sharing of personal info regarding RJ is much appreciated. Then to have been privy to the priceless telling of "the Story" by the Man himself, well green with envy only begins to cover it!!!

Thank you for all you do, soup included.

You ALL are in my prayers and thoughts daily.


Much love and positive energy coming your way


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Can i ask for a date estimate when Robert will post here that he MOL is going to Print...

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Guest Brandon From Atl


Thanks Wilson for the insight, ive never posted before but it was RJ's third that got me to start reading 300 works ago in the 5th grade(Im at Georgia state now.) My local library no longer holds any fantasy, fiction, or history that i havent read thanks to that man. Know that I truly wish him the best and hope that hes taking his time recovering. The mans worked hard enough, make sure he takes the time to at least enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning!

Best Wishes,

Brandon Gordon

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Guest Kimberly Mason


I never heard any rumors, but reading the first sentence of Wilson's blog made my heart drop. I'm so glad to find out about rumors as they're being dispelled rather than having my heart in my stomach waiting to see another blog.


RJ, I continue to send thoughts, prayers and goodwill to you, Wilson and Harriet, inspite of your unfortunate taste in soup.


Wilson, thanks for the tease. It drives me crazy wondering how the story ends, but I have to admit that while I can't wait for the book, I will also be sad and lonely without Rand and everyone when the story is over. So hurry it up, but no rush, really.


All the best to all of you. Keep up the fight - there are millions of us lending our strength to your cause.

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Guest Traci Osborne


I just want to tell Mr. Jordan "Thank you" for the WOT series. I have enjoyed reading these books so much. I cannot wait for my children (5yo and 2yo) to be old enough to appreciate them. They will be on our shelves right with C.S. Lewis. I am praying for you and for your family (who sound wonderful and very supportive!).


God bless,


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Guest Sharon Mayfield


All of my family has enjoyed the WOT series and are waiting for the next one to come out, but, not at the expense of Mr. Jordan's health. Thank you for your gift to us and you are in our prayers.

We wish you the best, and may God bless you


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Guest Michael C.


Hey RJ and company I hope you are feeling well and I hope your health gets back to its previous state. Although I've already somewhat puzzled whats going to happen to rand to a small extent. After all the time in this book is circular instead of linear right? heh im not really at all certain but I am definitely looking forward to MOL as well as any others that you intend to write.


Back to the main point though, I hope that you get better and live happily for many more years with your friends and family. I'll keep you all in my prayers.


Oh yes one more thing, just speculation but to get his hand back couldn't Rand just make a gate into Tal aran roid I believe its called (sorry if I've misspelled it) and just imagine how it was and again couldn't he also imagine the voice in his head umm out of his head and into physical form inside of the world of dreams? Im sorry for the bother I just wanted to ask the questions. No need to answer if your not willing to It's just a fans speculation.

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We love Robert Jordan or at least we love the tapestry he spins in our lives and what he has given us. I don't care one bit if he doesn't even finish the last book he is my "pop idol" for giving me countless days of moral stories and strength through his writing. I will love the ending but it is hardly the only thing in life. He has already given me close to 2 decades of his life through his writing.


I will not get all mushy and stuff because I expect he doesn't want such a thing. But let him know he will live forever no matter what, through his gift of writing.


Thank you Robert Jordan for many nights of pleasure reading your imagination you shared, what most of us can not share if we have the stories we are not gifted in the art of writing and I will cherish your gift until I die.


It is a wonderful story of bravery and good over evil and we all can use that right now!


Thank you,


Scott Bond

Anchorage Alaska

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Oh and I want to say I now pass my well worn and "rabbit eared" books on to my son who is 9 years old and who will no doubt live the adventures Jordan has given us. He will learn also that life is full of choices and that there are great demands upon the individual and that the strength is with in that person to do better even at grave sacrifice.


Writing and books are our greatest teachers.

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Guest Lady Shadowkiller


So glad to hear! Will be praying!


I envy you those two-and-a-half hours....


Lady Shadowkiller

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Glad to hear everyone is well. I have been healthcare for an extended period of time now and seen many people pass on both from long illnesses and from sudden, unexpected problems that arise. Believe me when I say it's okay to look like crap! No one cares about that! They just wish you felt better.

I am praying to God every day for your recovery, and for your family as well, RJ.

Peace be with you.


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Guest shadow runner


I guess Mr. Jordan I commune in my on way and wish you the best.


Remember, warriors fight and cowards cry out in defeat!!


best wishes



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To our beloved writer- my prayers will be with you. I wish to say something profound, but it fails me. Life is a funny thing. There is no way for you lose- Phillippians 1:21. I know that if anybody can beat this thing, you can. Faith, grit, and determination! I have been a faithful fan for years. Thank you for your contribution to my life. My imagination has been filled with such a wonderous story, nay, wonderous alter-reality, thanks to you. Again, my prayers shall be with you and yours. Tanya Ryle

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Guest Liatildina


I always think of you. I come here to make sure you still roam with the wolves and I am so glad to see that you are ranging with them still. The magic elixir of your wonderful family, the fierce battle strength of your beloved wife, and the love that pours from all the people here; I know it makes great things happen. I wish you joy, strength, laughter and peace. Thanks for all the updates on how you are doing, thank you too Wilson for the window into his world.


Be well, stay warm, laugh loudly, range far... be fierce!!!!


Until next time Mr. Jordan, much love and prayers from out here in the west to you and yours.

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"Rumor will travel halfway 'round the world before Truth has even got it's boots on"


Good vibes are coming your way!

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Baaah. I never listen to rumor!!! I could feel it in my old bones that he is living life, plugging away and eating tabasco. ew.



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I've read your blog on a regular basis, but this is the first time I have left a message. I just want to send all my love, prayers and best wishes to RJ and his family. It's great to hear that he is doing so well, even though there are still many bad days.


I love The Wheel of Time series and I want to take this opportunity to say a HUGE THANK YOU to RJ for transporting me to such a wonderful place every time I pick up his books. The last book is eagerly awaited, but please, RJ, always put your health and family first as they are the most important.


Keep up the great work and thank you so much for keeping us informed of your progress. Once again, best wishes, love and prayers to you and your family



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The old RN checking in, keep the chains short and brief, positive thinking works. Still sitting under the pecan tree rereading old books. Wonder if you have one to sit under, if not, I'm not far from your brother, used to live in beautiful downtown Harvey, kid went to WJHS. After the big wind, I live in Zachary. I can make hash, and Gumbo both ways, so if you are ever up/down/sideways from here ( just make a rift) you and I can sip some abita and chew the fat. If not, I might just go down to King Street and visit the Gloria Theater, is it still there, haven't been in about 40 years. Keep resting, close your eyes and contemplate your belly button, works for me.


old old RN

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Guest RickPiatt


I can't believe the stupid rumor mill! Whats up with some people! I'm embarrassed to admit they're from the same family as me (human family) - perhaps they're not! Keep on fighting RJ - I'm behind you and pray for you often. So you told the WHOLE story and didn't invite me! Aargh. Ok, I'll wait for the book ... speaking of which ... any wild guess on when that might come out? Spring '08? Summer? Sooner! Later *doh*?



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Guest Brian Abernethy


I was listening in from the other room. It ends up the Creator split off his bad side at the time of creation and sealed it off, that became the Dark One. This explains the weakness of the Creator, he lacks drive. Rand will unite the two sides of the Creator in the final battle, then we will learn the truly greatest mystery, what's the name of Rand's continent?


I had a few firm words with Robert Jordan's Pastor and Doctor. They agreed to forbid him to die and promise to finish up MOL, the outrigger novels, then the Infinity of Heaven series. Then he can get started on some real writing.


Seriously, get well soon I/We are all praying for you. Even if you do fully recover, you may want to consider taping your stories and have a trusted associate type them out for your corrections. It may speed up the writing process. We all would like to see many, many more novels out of your fantastic mind!



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Thank you Wilson for yet another update. We all have our own struggles to get through (though James has had a bit more than others!)

I'm currently going through a divorce, the preliminary on custody is tomorrow, and my counselor said something to me the other day that reminded me so much of WoT...Without these books, I never would have had the strength to fight my way to this point. Never would have had a reason to, because I never would have questioned, I never would have wondered why, I never would have tried to find a better way. Strength comes from within...no one can give it to us. We have to take it, earn it for ourselves. Without these books...

My counselor said the other day that the reason I keep letting the pain drag me back down, no matter how much I "KNOW" what to do, I keep letting it get to me, I keep letting it pull me under. He said instead of embracing the pain, I'm letting it embrace me.


It made me think of Egwene. Learning to be a Wise One's apprentice...learning the Aiel way of Embracing the Pain.


I will live, I won't just survive. I will rise above, instead of enduring.


Thank you James. You helped me see the path, but I had to choose to walk it.






(PS: Hey Wilson, could ya at least say if Demandred is more than a lamp shade in AMoL? I mean, that wouldn't be giving alot away...would it? )

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