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eBook cover art for LORD OF CHAOS

Guest Jason



Tor Books has released the cover art for the upcoming ebook release of LORD OF CHAOS, the sixth book in the Wheel of Time series. Each month, beginning this past October, Tor will release the next book in the series in a variety of electronic formats. See below for a full list of links to the released books, as well as a schedule of the upcoming releases.


With each eBook, Tor is including brand new artwork for the "cover". A different artist has been selected for each one, giving the art team at Tor a chance to provide us fans with a variety of styles.


This month, the artwork is by Greg Manchess. The ebook will be released on March 16th.


As with the previous covers that were released for the ebooks, Tor Art Director Irene Gallo has done a write up about the process behind creating this image. Be sure to check out the full article. Here's an excerpt:

We knew we wanted to focus on the Asha’man and the Aiel. In fact, at first we didn’t see any of our core characters. I did, however, request to see some wolves (because, hey, wolves) and once we saw wolves it made sense to add Perrin, and if we’re going to show Perrin we should show Loial as well.... I’m glad we added these characters.


Wheel of Time eBook News and release schedule

Tor Books plans to re-release each one of the Wheel of Time novels as ebooks according to the schedule below. Each will have new cover art, specially commissioned for the eBook format. Each will feature a different artist.


  • The Eye of the World: Buy from Amazon
  • The Great Hunt: Buy from Amazon
  • The Dragon Reborn: Buy from Amazon
  • The Shadow Rising: Buy from Amazon
  • The Fires of Heaven:Buy from Amazon
  • Lord of Chaos: Buy from Amazon
  • A Crown of Swords: Tor.com Feature | Available to buy April 20th
  • The Path of Daggers - 05/18/10
  • Winter's Heart - 06/22/10
  • Crossroads of Twilight - 07/20/10
  • Knife of Dreams - 08/24/10
  • New Spring - 09/28/10
  • The Gathering Storm - 11/2/10
  • From Two Rivers - 11/16/10
  • To The Blight - 11/16/10
  • The Hunt Begins - 11/16/10
  • New Threads in the Pattern- 11/16/10



So what do you think of this new image? Leave your comments below. Remember, we'll have a more detailed report on the overall future of the Wheel of Time print-edition covers at a later time.



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