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One week until the THE GATHERING STORM arrives!

Guest Jason


We are just one week away from the release of THE GATHERING STORM, book 12 of The Wheel of Time series!


Where do I get the book?

Read our previous blog post on where you can get the book.


How do I get a signed copy?

If you would like to get a signed copy of this book, you have a few choices:

  1. Go to a Book signing event
  2. Order a copy from SignedPage.com
  3. Enter this contest from Pat's Fantasy Hotlist
  4. Order one of the collector's editions. (Available at a later date)


What are the tour dates and locations? What about Midnight release parties?

Theoryland.com will be on hand with a crew of Storm Leader (front)   Storm Leaders (back)


Although we do not have a definitive list of stores hosting midnight release parties for the book, some of your local booksellers might be doing that. If you know of any specific stores hosting one, please mention it (along with its city and location, of course) in the comments to this news article.


If you cannot find a midnight release party local to you, but would like to attend one, contact your local bookseller and suggest it. Better yet, gather all your friends up and assure the bookseller that you'll all show up. In the past, we've seen some stores open at midnight based purely on fan request.




What are people saying about the book so far?

Well, you can read . Jennifer Liang recently posted her review. And Melissa Craib, the founder and Amyrlin from TarValon.net our forums? We have an entire forum dedicated to [i'>The Gathering Storm[/i] (no spoilers), as well as where you can post plot details to your heart's content. If you've not read the book, beware of our spoiler forum! We highly recommend you let Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson tell you the story the way it was intended. Don't let a somebody ruin things for you after all this time you've waited.


If you are on Twitter, share your opinion of the book by using the #TGS tag.


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