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Everything you need to know about THE GATHERING STORM release

Guest Jason


"A storm is coming."


We're less than a month away from the world-wide release of THE GATHERING STORM. Here's a summary of (we think) everything you need to know to get ready for it.


The Basics

First and foremost, THE GATHERING STORM ("TGS") will be released on Tuesday, October 27th. Please note that this is one week earlier than the original announced release date. You can pre-order it from Amazon.com and support Dragonmount.


Our main info page for the Gathering Storm is http://www.dragonmount.com/Books/Gathering_Storm/


You can read our review of THE GATHERING STORM here. To date, it is the only review online, although you may see a few more appear as we get closer to the launch date.



Signed Copies

If you would like an autographed copy of the book, there are multiple ways. First, you can attend one of the book signings below. If you do this, keep in mind that most book stores would prefer that you buy your copy from them rather than from an online vendor like Amazon. They are going to great efforts to throw some big WoT parties. Please support them by purchasing your copy at their retail locations.


Another option for getting a signed copy is that you can order an autographed book (at no extra charge) from Signedpage.com. Supplies are limited. Also, if you live in the U.S and are near the a book tour event, please go to the event if possible. The spirit of offering these signed copies online is for those overseas or in other locations that cannot get to an event.


Finally, check out Brandon Sanderson's blog post about the book tour for some other options for getting a signed copy of the book.


Preview Chapters

The prologue, "What the Storm Means", is available for purchase for $2.99.


get it directly from Amazon as a PDF file.


Chapter 2, "The Nature of Pain", is available for FREE on Tor.com in audio format only. (Registration required)


Catching up on the story

If you need a quick-and-easy recap of what's been happening in the WoT story leading up to this book, then download our printable re-cap. Yup, it was that easy. You're welcome.


If you would like an intense chapter-by chapter summary and commentary of the series, you can head over to Tor.com where our pal Leigh Butler is doing exactly that.


The Thirteenth Depository has a very well crafted analysis and discussion going about THE GATHERING STORM. Be sure to check it out, and join their growing community.


Check out our GATHERING STORM discussion forum to talk with other fans about this new book.


If you prefer WoT discussion on an iPod (or in your car, or web browser, etc), check out our "4th Age" Podcast. You can find it on iTunes as well. Some of the recent notable episodes are:

  1. Interview with Leigh Butler
  2. Discussing the first GATHERING STORM review
  3. Interview with Jason Denzel (aka, "me") about the GATHERING STORM review



Book Tour

Brandon Sanderson and Harriet will be going on tour across the United States beginning Oct 27th. Brandon will be at every event listed below, and Harriet will be at the ones marked. Please note: two more events have been added since the tour was originally announced. (One is in Atlanta and the other is in Clayton, CA in the San Francisco East Bay)


IMPORTANT: You should still call or visit the bookstore to confirm the event or to see if there are any changes or updates. If you plan to attend one of these events, keep an eye out for our "STORM LEADER" related announcements. In a few days we'll announce who the Storm Leaders are, and they will eventually provide you with updates and info related to the signing.



Storm Leaders

At most of the book signing event listed above, there will be 4-6 "Storm Leaders" present. You will recognize them by their distinctive black t-shirts. They will be there to hand out promo materials, take pictures, and document the event. Within a few days of their event, their reports and photos will be posted on Dragonmount for you to enjoy.


We accepted over 500 Storm Leader applications. Those selected for the job will be notified in a very short time. (There's a lot going on, and lots of applications to go through, so bear with us!)


If you see a Storm Leader at an event, please feel free to introduce yourself, or ask questions. They're official representatives of both Dragonmount and Tor Books. (Uh, but don't give them a hard time. Contact us if you need to complain)


Promo Videos



Whew... That should be it. ... For now.


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