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TGS Prologue now available

Guest Jason


What the Storm Means, the prologue to THE GATHERING STORM is now available on various websites.


This is the 4th time that the prologue to a Wheel of Time novel has been released online as an eBook. The previous prologues were published by Simon & Schuster. If you're wondering why you have to "pay twice" for this content, keep in mind a few things: First, you don't have to buy it. It is being made available to you over a month early, and you're paying for that opportunity. Also, the prologue is about 20,000 words, which is close to 100 pages in some books. Thirdly, if you would rather not pay, you can still get free content from this book in the form of chapter 1, Tears from Steel, which is currently available for free from Tor.com.


The description for the prologue is as follows:

In "What The Storm Means," Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, struggles to unite a fractured network of kingdoms and alliances in preparation for the Last Battle. As he attempts to halt the Seanchan encroachment northward—wishing he could form at least a temporary truce with the invaders—his allies watch in terror the shadow that seems to be growing within the heart of the Dragon Reborn himself.


Also, please do not post spoilers in the comments below. If you wish to discuss the content of this prologue, please do so on a specific thread already started for this.


(BTW - Earlier we promised some bonus announcements. Those are still coming, but they've just been pushed back a bit. Keep an eye on our site for more)


[url="http://www.tor.com/gatheringstorm/prologue">What the Storm Means





Recommended Comments

Guest Tenesmus


Bonus announcements = Preview of New Cover Art for re-release of WOT Series eBooks!!!! Well that's my guess anyway... woohooo can't wait to see it!

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I bet the bonus announcement has to do with the title for Book 13, which Brandon has said Tor gave the go ahead on. Tor does not want the announcement to take away from the prologue hype, just yet.

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I wasn't sure if I would read the prologue ahead of time but when I saw the notice here I think it took me all of 1.36 seconds to click on a place to get it. I was reading it within five minutes. I thought it was great!

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Greetings from Sweden, just wanted to point out that it was a great prologue and fellow swedes failing to download/buy it must be doing something wrong. I did not have any problem.

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Guest kendon81


will the prologue be included in the Gathering Storm or will it have to be purchased separately?


as i dont have a credit card and dont buy books on line id be a little pissed off if it is not going to be included in the book.

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Did anyone ever notice that, in the prologue, Grendal was speaking of Demandred "Once she had heard him say that he would laugh the day he could snap the neck of Lews Therin. And only then." And there were prophicies that there would be a man standing over Rand laughing. Ding.

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Canadian here...just tried to grab it from Powell's, but it appears to be unavailable...anyone else striking out?

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Guest astateofdenmark


This is a joke. I can get the audiobook through itunes, but none of the other sites will let me get the text version. Powells tell me that I'm outside the US and the publisher won't let them download outside the US. Don't even get that far with the rest.


I'm now off to find a pirate copy, despite being prepared to pay for it.

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Guest amalsan80


been reading WOT since the early 90s...i have to say i was very disappointed with the prologue. not RJs voice or vocabulary, too much is being explained and the characters feel like they are someone else.

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@messiestobjects -- I don't agree that the series is going to end on a "callow" note. Sanderson is a wonderful author, and I can totally see why Harriet and Tor picked him to finish the series. I'm glad he agreed to do so. I would rather see the series finished by a good author who admired Jordan and loved the series, then by someone who could fake Jordan's writing style and voice. That, in a way, would feel like a betrayal of Jordan. Even worse would have been if nobody was willing to take on such a huge task, and the series was never finished.


My favorite thing about the prologue is that it sets up the idea that things are moving, and something's happening or about to happen. Even though not much does happen (it's only 13,000 words, how much really could happen?!), the idea is still there.

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Guest Pumpernipples


My prediction...Semirhage comes back to the Light! A little farfetched I know, but I can see Nyneave and her building a rapport. Semirhage will be intrigued by Nyneave's discoveries, particularly healing stilling/gentling, Nyneave will be interested in Semirhage's millennia of knowledge manipulating the body for good and bad, then BAM! They come to respect each other and eventually become friends. Semirhage sees the light (literaly) and wants to do all she can to help Rand and his buddies. Semirhage then takes down the Black Ajah and helps reunite the Tower. This all starts in The Gathering Storm and climaxes in The Towers of Midnight. Anyway, this is just one of my unfounded predictions that I wanted to share. Anyone else have other speculations? The Taimandred theory is another one of my favorites. Can’t what until a month from now!

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Guest jphn beckey


i can't wait for this book to come out. Brandon Sanderson is a greaat author, just read this other books they are so much like Robert Jordans style. I thunk he will do great on the ending.

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"We're sorry, but the publisher does not allow copies of What the Storm Means: Prologue to The Gathering Storm purchased from the United States to be downloaded into Canada.


Please remove this item from your order. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause."


From the Powell's website. Tough break I guess

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Guest Kyotodub


Can somebody please tell me where I can beg borrow or steal the e-book version of What The Storm Means. I live in Ireland and cant download it anywhere. What the hell is the problem? Pulling my hair out here and 27/10 can't come quick enough!

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