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The Gathering Storm - US book cover

Guest Jason


Tor Books has sent us the exclusive first look at the cover for THE GATHERING STORM, book 12 of the Wheel of Time series.


The cover art was painted by artist Darryl K. Sweet, who has done the covers for all of the other US WoT novels.


What do you think? (Respectful) comments welcome.


More Info

[ Gathering Storm info page ]


Recommended Comments

Guest Yngve


Seriously my ten year old niese could do bether than that hidious thing!!! I am so going to get the uk version, I cant stand this no more..

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Guest Frequent Tenesmus


This is even worse than the ACOS cover. I was so embarrassed when I bought ACOS, I took the cover off while I standing in line to pay. When I picked it up off the shelf to look it over, a friend began mocking me for looking at Romance novels, and then I was propositioned by a gay man while reading the prologue!!


I will just order TGS online and forgo being mistaken for a gay man in a bookstore buying a Romance novel. (even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with being a gay man in a bookstore buying Romance novels)

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Guest Tuan Samdin


Awesome, just one question though I started the series only about 3 yrs back and forgive me if I sound naive to anyone out there but shouldn't Rand's arm be bleeding or is this after Nynaeve healed it because if so shouldn't she be in the background looking all worried?

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Guest Tobias Lundqvist


I am just so happy right now, to live in Europe, because it is more likely that the bookstores in my hometown will be bringing home the UK cover and not ....whatever thing that is that you gus will be stuck with.

But maybe the UK cover will be brought in to the US to, what do I know.


Have a great day guys, it´s about 7 in the morning over here in Sweden, and I am about to start my job in about 10 minutes.

The sun is shining, so it might actually be at great day today.

Hope you will get the same.


Tobias Lundqvist



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Guest Kevin


This looks like ass. I don't understand how this ever got approved. It's not dramatic, it doesn't grab your attention, it doesn't convey any significant information about the book...The very fact that you had to put a disclaimer that we had to leave respectful comment is comment enough. Disgusting.

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Guest Larry Carrigan


@ Scott - I checked KOD and yes, it was Rand's left hand that was burned off by Semirhage. It took me awhile to find the passage - this happenened on page 588 in Chapter 27, "A Plain Wooden Box".


@ Tuan Samdin - I believe this is supposed to be after Nynaeve healed Rand, and I agree with you that I would have had Nynaeve in the background looking worried about Rand - he was also partially blinded too, and Nynaeve was afraid to try to heal his eyes without studying them; this was page 590 in the same chapter above (hardcover edition of KOD).


How is Rand going to fight well enough against the Dark One without his left hand and damaged eyesight? Maybe Nynaeve will at least be able to heal one of his eyes before Tarmon Gaidon.


Any other thoughts on who the woman might be - I believe both Elayne and Aviendha were not with Rand at this section of the book - I skimmed through the chapter, but didn't see there names mentioned - it has been awhile since I have reread KOD.


Well, have a good evening, everyone.


Larry Carrigan

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Guest Larry Carrigan


Sorry, I forgot to indicate my reply to Scott was for comment #63, and the reply to Tuan was comment #93.



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Guest Valan


I could be wrong everyone but I'm pretty sure this is not a scene from Knife of Dreams, but of the Gathering Storm. All of his covers have been scenes from the actual book, not the ones before it...feel free to correct me if i'm wrong (wow, there was absolutely no need to write that last bit (or this).

Anyway, respectfully, damn but (I really hope) you can do better DKS. I personally like the covers of tEotW, tGH, and FoH quite a bit but... damn.

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I have never been so glad that I live in the UK and therefore don't have to put up with the cover art you guys get...if my grandad had handed me something like that and said 'this looks like the kind of thing you'd like' i probably would have been insulted...


So what has Aviendha just gatewayed in to find Rand having a fight with the sky? she looks slightly stunned to se him...or is it just a giant hole in the side of the house? Plus why is Rand wearing Jeans? Did no-one tell him his outfit clashes?

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Guest Jerm


A pitty I'm collecting all US version. I like the UK version, but as I have all the other books in HC US version I will stick with this ugly cover.

But I hope that when the series is over Tor will release all the books in HC with new covers in one box.

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Guest Sufian


Disappointed, much expectation were put on this cover. It should have been darker and had better art quality. the UK version hold the concept of the title better than this ugly cover. I have collected all US editions and this one by far the worst one. sorry this is my honest opinion.

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