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A MEMORY OF LIGHT: What we learned at JordanCon

Guest Jason


For those of you who missed it, the first annual JordanCon convention kicked off last weekend to a huge success. Be sure to check out our coverage of the event, which will likely contain a YouTube video or two in the very near future.


Attending the convention were Harriet, Brandon Sanderson, Tom Doherty (the president of Tor Books), and various other people involved closely with the MEMORY OF LIGHT project. A lot of information was shared with people attending the convention, and we'd like to list it here in one place for you.

  • Confirmed: There are three (3) remaining full-length novels remaining in the WHEEL OF TIME series. This has been discussed at great length already. Read Brandon's detailed blog post on the reasons for the split.
  • The first of the three remaining books will be entitled THE GATHERING STORM.
  • The working title for the second book is SHIFTING WINDS, but that is likely to change Updated: Originally I posted "Swirling Winds". Sorry about that. The title being considered is SHIFTING WINDS. Again, that is likely to change.
  • The third and final book in the WoT series will be entitled either TARMON GAI'DON or simply, A MEMORY OF LIGHT. (Which do you prefer? Leave your thoughts in the comments!)
  • Each book will have its own set of chapters. Meaning they are likely to have their own prologues, and each will have a chapter 1 that begins with "The Wheel of Time turns and Ages come and pass...." (It had previously been believed that the three books would be a single volume cut into 3 parts.
  • Tor believes that Darryl K Sweet (the artist who does the cover art for all of the previous US edition books) is the right artist for the job on these remaining books. Once the series is done, however, they are very open to commissioning new covers for each book
  • Tor is very interested in publishing the three (3) "Outrigger" novels that Robert Jordan spoke of before he passed away. Harriet and Brandon appear to be more hesitant about the idea. A decision on this will not be made until the main series is complete
  • The overarching idea for the outrigger novels was revealed. It obviously contains spoilers. Please visit our forums to discuss.
  • One of the most powerful moments of the convention was when an audio recording of Robert Jordan was played for all those present. He dictated the opening of THE GATHERING STORM prologue. Please see our JordanCon recap for a description of what happened. (The link to the plot summary is here)


The program for the convention also contained what appears to be the text that will appear on the hardcover edition of the book:

A Memory of Light was partially finished by Robert Jordan before his untimely passing in 2007. Brandon Sanderson, New York Times bestselling author of the Mistborn books, was chosen by Jordan’s editor—his wife, Harriet McDougal—to complete the final book. The scope and size of the novel was such that it can not be contained in a single volume, and so Tor proudly presents A Memory of Light: Gathering Clouds as the first in a short sequence of novels that will complete the struggle against the Shadow, bringing to a close a journey begun almost twenty years ago and marking the conclusion of the Wheel of Time, the preeminent fantasy epic of our era.


In this epic novel, Robert Jordan’s international bestselling series begins its dramatic conclusion. Rand al’Thor, the Dragon Reborn, struggles to unite a fractured network of kingdoms and alliances in preparation for the Last Battle. As he attempts to halt the Seanchan encroachment northward—wishing he could form at least a temporary truce with the invaders—his allies work in desperation to forestall the shadow that seems to be growing within the heart of the Dragon Reborn himself.

Egwene al’Vere, the Amyrlin Seat of the rebel Aes Sedai, is a captive of the White Tower and subject to the whims of their tyrannical leader. As days tick toward the Seanchan attack she knows is imminent, Egwene works to hold together the disparate factions of Aes Sedai while providing leadership in the face of increasing uncertainty and despair. Her fight will prove the mettle of the Aes Sedai, and her conflict will decide the future of the White Tower—and therefore the world itself.


Update: Note that summary text above is preliminary. It was written before the title GATHERING STORM was finalized. Hence, that's why they use the working title GATHERING CLOUDS. This text is probably what was sent to booksellers, and may not be what appears on the book jacket. We'll keep you posted.


If there was something we missed, let us know in the comments and we'll add it to this main article.


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