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wotmania to begin close-down

Guest Jason


Mike Mackert, the founder of the massive WHEEL OF TIME fan site His announcement included his reasoning for the shut-down, which is largely personal in nature.


wotmania has been online for over a decade, almost exactly as long as Dragonmount. Below, is an open letter to Mike:




Dear Mike,


I was worried right from the beginning. While we talk often enough via email and instant messenger, its only on rare occasions that we actually talk by phone; the most recent time being when RJ passed away. So when you asked me for when a good time to talk via phone would be, I knew something was up. I suspected a lot of things, but I honestly didn't see this coming.


For the last 10 years, wotmania has been a pillar of the WHEEL OF TIME community. The fact that you have decided to begin the process of slowly closing down the site makes me terribly sad. No other community or webmaster has challenged DM quite like you have. We practically opened our websites on the same day (1 month apart exactly from what I recall), and have ever since pushed and encouraged the other to do better. Our sites competed, of course, but more than anything else, they complimented each other.
saidar and
. With wotmania, you have set a standard by which Dragonmount still tries to live up to. I will miss your presence and your competitiveness.


While it saddens me to see you closing your doors, I am warmed by your request ot help find a "landing place" for all those people in your community. I would never presume to say I can replace what you've given them, but I am honored to try. I hope to earn their trust should they choose to come and visit us here at DM.


I'm certain I speak for all of the WoT community at large when I say Thank You for all the amazing things you've given us over the past decade. I know Robert Jordan spoke highly of wotmania, and I have a feeling that were he here today with us now, he'd also thank you for your outstanding, voluntary efforts.


May you always find water and shade




Your friend,




In the coming weeks and months, both wotmania and DM will announce more specific plans regarding any migration of content or communities that might take place. We will go with whatever Mike wants to happen.




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