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  1. Umm... this is not the place for this discussion. Just a friendly heads up to get this thread back on track.
  2. Whiskeyjack, do you have a reference for that RJ quote?
  3. Basically that. I do have to point out that Latra was right for the wrong reasons when she refused to take part in LTT's plan, and Egwene's assembly of nations could play upon a similar theme. But Latra didn't help LTT, even unwittingly. How can you draw the parallel here? Because if saidar had been used on the seal it would have been tainted as well. Therefore, Latra was right to oppose the plan- it, ultimately, failed and tainted saidin. Her opposition prevented the tainting of saidar in addition to this. I don't see right as helping the Dragon. I see right as your actions making the situation better than the alternative. Which Latra's do, even though she had no way of knowing it in advance and her own actual objections turned out to be incorrect. Similarly, Egwene is right in that she will be assembling the nations and likely bringing together an actual unified force to fight in the Last Battle. But she's wrong that breaking the seals is a bad plan (we think). Also, we all know that the Bore is larger than it was in the Age of Legends, right? The unsealing will have a pretty large impact compared to back then- the seal patched it, didn't prevent it from growing. They won't have a huge amount of time after breaking the seals to fix things, IMO. I have to disagree with you on Latra making a better choice. It is VERY possible that Saidin was tainted BECAUSE there were no female channelers to help.
  4. Perrin stopping balefire with his hand. Rand and Tam's reunion.
  5. Rand and Tam's reunion is a tearjerker or was for me anyway. You can't really help it after how things went in The Gather Storm. Perrin and Mat, well, I haven't laughed that hard in a while at the series. I agree about Olver. As for AMoL being two parts, I would almost prefer it, I think. I don't know if it could be finished sufficiently in one book. I just don't think that will happen. Everyone, besides Tuon, Egwene and perhaps Mat have had their plotlines developed as far as needed in my opinion. I think it is about time for Tarmon Gaidon to begin! :D
  6. Yes, Lanfear got her wishes. What they are, who knows? Look at what Cyndane has been doing and guess away. As for melting the Tear portal, my guess is Moridin.
  7. There were no Aes Sedai in the circle, only Wise Ones. Brandon said that it probably wouldn't work if there were Oath-bound Aes Sedai in the circle. I just smacked myself in the head. Yes, I am an idiot in this regard. :/ I think they must have just been watching or might not have been there at all when it was forged. I did read this thing in 8 hours and my friend is borrowing it now so I may not be completely accurate in things like that. --- As for badass moments. Perrin takes the cake in this book followed by Rand and Mat who are tied for second. PERRIN 1) Believes the balefire woven at him in T'a'R isn't there and it just disappears into his hand. (I would have loved to get a description of Egwene's thoughts at that point) 2) EPIC fight with Slayer and I love how he won it, by dumping himself and Slayer into a Nightmare where he had the advantage. 3) Forging of Mah'alleinir with a circle putting Saidar AND Saidin into it. This particular section is one of my favorite parts of the entire series. Perin finally comes to terms with himself and who he is and you see it as he is forging the hammer. The imagery here is just incredible. I would think this is a part that RJ had to have written most of. RAND 1) Kills 100,000+ Darkspawn (Myrdraal, Trollocs and Drakghar) by himself. It was one of those moments where you have to go back and reread it just because you can't believe he just did that. 2) Rand walking into the White Tower followed by TWO circles of 13 Aes Sedai who are SCARED of him even at that point. 3) Meeting with Cadsuane MAT 1) EPIC kill of the Gholam 2) Tower of Ghenjei and his luck. 3) His luck got BETTER after he lost an eye apparently. The scene where he just throws a knife BEHIND him and kills a rabbit is amazing. GAWYN 1) 1v3 against the Bloodknives WITH their Ter'Angreal was nuts. That made up for everything he has put us through in the rest of the series. ---------- Touching Moments 1) Rand and Tam again after Dragonmount tops it all. 2) Morgase and Tallanvor (about time) 3) Perrin and Noam 4) Hopper (RIP) 5) Olver (it just made me want to cry when we got that PoV in the epilogue) 6) Thom and Moiraine (the part where he pulls her out) 7) Rand/LTT and Mierin ------------ They've had it coming moments 1) Graendal. It only took how maany dead Chosen before they reigned her in? 2) Byar. Go Dain Bornhald. (I want to see how he resolves this in AMoL) 3) Slayer. Epic win for Perrin, but Slayer's not gone yet. ------------ The biggest reveals 1) Graendal killed Asmodean. (I was wrong) 2) Mesaana as Danelle (I was right) 3) The Tower of Ghenjei sequence (I was partly wrong) ------------ The biggest "Oh Crap!" moments 1) Caemlyn in flames 2) The Black Tower is about to implode 3) Olver... NO! If you do, I will dig up your grave and do something horrible to your body RJ! (not really, but still...) 4) The Prophecy of the Shadow at the end of the book
  8. I was talking about Perrin's hammer being the first power wrought weapon in a long time. Neald in a circle with Grady, several Aes Sedai and several Wise Ones took part in strengthening the hammer as Perrin forged it. It exhausted them all afterwards. It also seemed to Perrin that he was putting part of himself into the hammer. That is what I was referring to. Also, Mashadar is now following Fain around apparently or he has recreated it, at least from what we can see in the prologue.
  9. Yes, Perrin forging his hammer was pretty epic for me, especially after he named it. ;) Also, first power forged weapon made in a very long time. Dreamspike? If you are referring to the hammer name, no. One of my friends has my copy of the book and is reading it now, but the name is something like M'hallneir or something like that. Think Mjollnir if you know Norse mythology. ------- On a separate note, lets talk again about Rand cleansing Saidin. We know that when he cleansed Saidin, he channeled A LOT of Saidin into Shadar Logoth where it was attracted to the evil of Shadar Logoth. At that point, it continued pouring into Shadar Logoth on its own. So, we have Fain heading to Shayol Gul to apparently kill Rand and/or the DO. He now embodies the evil of Shadar Logoth. So what happens when we channel the True Power with the Dark One's taint into Fain. Would it not then follow that the rest of the DO's taint would follow after it? So, theoretically, they could put the DO back into his prison or make a new prison after he has been released. "The rubble must be cleared" seems to fit with this. In which case, we get the DO's prison sealed as it was before the bore was drilled which fits in with how time works in the series. Another interesting thing in this same area that I have to note is this. Fain has been cutting his fingers and bleeding all over the place recently. The Dragon's blood will be spilled at Shayol Gul. The Dark Prophecy in "The Great Hunt" talks about "Blood calls blood. Blood feeds blood. Blood is and blood was and blood ever shall be." Coincidence? I am thinking not.
  10. Yes, Perrin forging his hammer was pretty epic for me, especially after he named it. ;) Also, first power forged weapon made in a very long time.
  11. I am thinking it will come down to this in the end. 1) Rand/Nyn/Alivia with Callandor, Moridin using TP, Logain, Narishma, Flynn, most of the Ashaman outside the Black Tower Perrin (with wolves), Mat, Lan, Galad being the key powers for the light. 2) Demandred (with the second most powerful male Sa'Angreal), Graendal, Moghedien, Shaidar Haran, Slayer (with Dark Hounds), Bashere, Taim and the Black Tower, and the Seanchan being the key powers for the Shadow. 3) Egwene (with Vora's Sa'Angreal and Gawyn), the White Tower, and Fain are wild cards in my opinion I think Elayne has mostly played her part and I think we will see her death in the upcoming book though her babies will be saved. So, I am wondering if anyone has now considered that TWO of Rand's main generals may be under some form of Compulsion that he knows nothing about. Ituralde has interacted with Graendal and we have no idea if she did anything to him. Bashere has spent time with Taim and Min sees a dark aura around him. I think the forces of the Light might be in more trouble than we first thought at the end of this book. Going into the final battles, we have: The White Tower about to be walloped by the Seanchan, the Black Tower falling to the Shadow as far as anyone can see, two of Rand's greatest generals possibly corrupted by the Shadow, Rand and the White Tower at odds, Rand the Sea Folk at odds, Caemlyn in flames and being overrun by Darkspawn and STILL not news on where Demandred is. I actually feel worse after thinking about where the forces of the Light are at the end of this book than I did at the end of TGS. The Darkspawn have started pouring out of the Blight and Randland is still somewhat in chaos... As for you people who are talking about the Oath Rod, here is my very simple theory. I think Mesaana would be insulted if you called her Black Ajah or a Darkfriend. She is one of the Chosen, far beyond any of them in rank and power. She can truthfully say she is not Black Ajah or a Darkfriend because she is not. She is a Chosen.
  12. Perrin meets him in T'a'R as the wolf, Boundless. He explains to Perrin that he is completely wolf and that is alright for him and Perrin begins to understand that he can accept the wolf part of him without losing his humanity. He does not have to be like the other wolves, but he does need to accept that the wolf is part of him. He needed to understand his pieces and while Hopper showed most of that to him, Boundless (Noam) was the final piece that put it all together. After that, Perrin took up leadership of his group willingly and without a second thought. He is like a completely new character almost after that experience, even though he is still Perrin. I guess you could say that it caused him to become who the Wheel needed him to be. It had been running him around forever so he could finally get it all figured out including his official trial before the Children of Light for the two Children he killed.
  13. I know, but why Graendal? Moghedien would have served equally well. Does nuked mean Balefired? The big unnoticed thing from books 4-6... I'm kind of worried about that. Since no one but Terez has even hesitantly claimed to have figured this out, I wonder if maybe it isn't all that great as Brandon made it out to be. Moghedien has been busy getting all the assassin's after Mat and Perrin according to TGS. No, blasted with fire if I remember correctly. I think it was the wolf mainly because after meeting Noam as Boundless in T'a'R, Perrin finally gets himself sorted out and does what he needs to. Mat's ashandarei was important, but I don't think was the unnoticed thing because it only had a small part to play, while Perrin's plotline was affected FAR more by the wolf. Definitely don't think it was the skimming as that also didn't play a huge part.
  14. I think it sounds more like Rand, like this post from the RAFO board suggests. Lews Therin was "first among servants." Definitely possible. Broken Wolf... I wonder... Slayer? We know he is Moridin's servant now. He seems to be able to enter and leave T'a'R at will. Did some accident with T'a'R and becoming a wolfbrother happen to him? The fact that it says he will be consumed by the Midnight Towers makes me wonder. It appears Perrin has already been mentioned as the Fallen Blacksmith so who, exactly, is the broken wolf who will cause such a problem for the Light when he dies.
  15. I guess I will throw this in here because I can. These are my longstanding predictions for this book since shortly after TGS was released and a couple from before that were confirmed. Trued Predictions of Mine: 1) Mesaana = Danelle --- I did my research and it took me a while, but there is one Danelle scene in Caemlyn, I think, that confirmed it for me earlier in the series. 2) Mat's ashandarei was EXTREMELY important and we ALL missed exactly why. I was on the right track though that it didn't seem to belong with what he had asked, but, it turns out, it actually did belong with one of his wishes. 3) Gholam would be killed with a skimming gateway. Honestly, I couldn't see any other way to finish it off besides starving it. 4) Graendal survived Rand nuking her palace. 5) There were still Bloodknives in the White Tower. Possibly Fulfilled Predictions of Mine: 1) Olver would help Mat's group get out of the ToG. Based on his PoV in the prologue, I have to wonder if he somehow had a hand in helping them escape. His game seemed to follow far too closely to what actually happened. Epic Failed Predictions of Mine 1) Moiraine/Lanfear killed Asmodean 2) Graendal would die in ToM (she might as well be dead now though) 3) Demandred would have his big reveal. (I think I finally got him, but no big reveal this book.) 4) Egwene would kill Mesaana (only broke her mind) Perrin was her target, but he got his act together and outsmarted her and Slayer with the help of Hopper (RIP). Let's just say that Perrin became completely awesome in this book. From off the top of my head I can tell you Alviarin got nuked by Egwene and Mesaana (Danelle) had her mind snapped by Egwene. What, exactly are you talking about?
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