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  1. A few people have mentioned about him 'killing' the Dark One. I personally don't think that is possible, as with Light you need Shadow, and the whole yin-yang philosophy which seems to run parallel to most themes in the book means that something has to stand opposed, or at least be there in opposition to, the Light. What I think this Dragon will do, is seal the Dark One away to such an extent that he won't be able to touch the world at all. In the AoL they hadn't heard of the Dark One and life was idyllic, and I think that will be Rand's 'job' in this age. Then of course comes LTT to seal up the Bore - though I think that there is another Dragon before LTT as.... ....Anyone know if LTT talks about there being a 3rd Dragon? I seem to remember him (LTT) saying something about having two crazy people in his head, which implies that theres a 3rd Dragon. Disclaimer - I haven't read the whole thread, apologies if I repeat anything.
  2. Didn't Elan Morin also say he could grant him 'temporary sanity' or something along those lines? I don't think theres proof either way wether or not LTT was sane when he created Dragonmount. Sure, the wording implies that he was sane when he did, but I haven't come across any concrete evidence either way.
  3. A few that made me laugh.. Bashere talking about the crazy general who ordered oak trees cut down, then buried. The Maidens are bantering with another aiel society and they end up rattling there bucklers at each other. What they said made me giggle. Kinda vague, but I remember laughing at it :D Elayne screaming at the top of her lungs when she's confronted by some Sea Folk... tis all about the context! :P Aviendha said that someone was as 'Proud as a Shaido with one goat'. I have no idea why, but that had me in hysterics. Mat always thinking about how much of a bad influence Olver's 'uncles' are on him. Mat telling Egwene to take the Amyrlin's stole off and that whole scence. Probably more, but can't think of them now!
  4. There's a theory that eventually Perrin will end up akin to Saldaean royalty through Faile, which seems quite plausable - all to do with Min's viewings. Perrin's viewing of "A wolf, and a broken crown, and trees flowering all around him." Coupled with Bashere's viewing being "And there's something...dark...in the images I saw around Lord Davram." Which doesn't sound particularly pleasant... It could of course be anything though! As to the story behind the Broken Crown... I have no idea, and have always wondered about the story behind it.
  5. Not here to contribute to the thread just... Fisher King, is there any way you can not randomly capitalise and make really long thread titles please? I understand I'm not a moderator so you don't have to, but I feel it makes the page look untidy, and it therefore makes my OCD reflex kick in :D For example, this thread title could have been 'My thoughts on who the LoC is'. I don't mean to sound nasty or bitchy or anything, just thought I'd share!
  6. I liked the father and son Gaishan (sp?!) who helped Faile in the Shaido camp, with the son following Faile et al and going to get help! I'm sure many people don't like people who help Faile though :D Is Gaul considered a minor character? Bael's wife too - not the Wise One, (Melandrah?) the Roofmistress (Something beginning with D!) I'm awful with names :D
  7. On the structured discussion section of the forums there is a thread dedicated to Logain in all his glory! I'm not convinced he is a Forsaken or even a 'bad' guy. I think the major issue with most people is Min's viewing of glory in his future and how it is interpreted - some see it as a good thing, others are not so sure and theorize that maybe his 'glory' will come from betraying the Light and helping the Shadow in some way. Many of his reactions I would say are simply because he is a proud man, and Rand is not exactly corteous towards him. Personally, I feel that at the Last Battle, should the Light win, events will be orchestrated so that Logain will get the accolades, with Rand faking his death in some way - which ties in with the 'to live, you msut die' thing he was told by the Aelfin people.
  8. I totally read that the wrong way :o But yeah, I had no idea about the references to characters out of myth / legend until I came here. Does anyone think its a negative thing at all? Personally I don't mind, but have seen people get annoyed as it detracts a little from the characters, making the author appear less original too.
  9. Mother's milk in a cup! Something along those lines, I remember Elayne using it infront of Dylin and being slightly embarassed as it is particularly pungent apparently :P
  10. Haha, well it seems you are all lost causes :D Of course everyone has their own opinions and is entitled to them! I think I will rationalise peoples hatred of characters by surmising that at least they are provoking some kind of reaction - would be much worse if after reading their stories you concluded... 'meh, whatever'.
  11. I can't think of anything I hate about the WoT series. Least of all the DO of their minions, they are pretty cool... I don't necessarily see them as 'evil' per se too. Strange comment I know, and not really sure how to explain it. I mean torturing entire cities ala Semi is not a nice thing, but is only defined as evil by our - i.e the Light's - moral compass. To Semi shes doing research :D And who is to say whose moral compass is the correct one? Hopefully that makes a little sense at least. Oh and by saying 'I can't think of anything I hate about the WoT series' I'm not saying its perfect and I'm a massive fanboy who can see no wrong in the books - though I think I'm borderline sometimes :p Is just that there isn't an issue that I hate.
  12. Hmm. I would say that challenging someone is a sign of respect - it shows that they are on an equal footing, and are comfortable enough to say whats on their mind rather than shying away. Not that I think Min does this, she's told him many times that hes a woolheaded sheepherder :p I voted for Elayne, mainly due to her hair, as I imagine it, to be the closest to ginger in the books and I heart ginger hair :p Nah, I feel that in political terms, shes a good match as she can bring the support on Andor to his cause. Also, I see Elayne as a character who would be able to hold her own at the Dragon Reborns side without being a liability / target as she could hold her own. Sure Avi and to some extent Min could too, but I see Elayne as the more competant of the three in this respect. On a personal level, I'm unsure really. I see Elayne as a mature, independant woman who is strong enough to be the Dragon Reborns support (not that the other two couldn't either). I really liked the scene where Rand and Elayne first met also, and my impressions from then would be that they would make a good couple. Thats about all I got.
  13. I'm not sure what you're trying to acheive with this post? I'm fairly certain that he knows it was a joke and was merely commenting on it... On topic Sevanna, and the multitude of ways her bosom is described. Interesting how females are dislking Berelain, I wonder why! *cough* rudewordquestioninghermoralcompassregardssexualintercourse *cough*
  14. What kind of series do you want WoT to be? :o Tales of Perrin, Rand and Mat shagging their way across the world, sowing their wild oats before choosing who they fall in love with? While I'm here I'll reiterate that I don't understand the Faile / Perrin hate - why read a book with elements you profess to hate? Rhetorical question :D
  15. Are you talking about the servant guy and his 'uncle'? Who were Darkfriends? :o I can't think of any others who tried to save Morgase... and they definately were Darkfriends, cos the boy was the guy who Mat or Rand punched in a little village somewhere if I remember correctly. My heart went out to Galad when he confronted Valda, though it wasn't really sad but it still stuck with me. Similar thing when Mat found out about Tylin. Or when Rand tries to make Elayne a flower in the Stone of Tear, but can't grasp the source, I thought it was a nice touch him leaving her a flower when they finally meet though. Perrin returning to Emonds Field of course, but also when Mat and Aviendha 'died' are the saddest for me!
  16. I doubt they will split up, as Min saw a viewing of a Broken Crown around Perrin, which if I remember correctly is the symbol of Saldean royalty which he would only have a claim to through Faile. As to whether I like her or not.. Yes, of course I do. Shes resourceful, bold, intelligent, loving and most importantly - knows how to handle knives! I have never understood the dislike for the likes of Faile / Elayne et al, they all each have their charm and own unique appeal. But of course everyone is entitled to their own opinion - a pox on thee free speech!
  17. Hmm, I guess we disagree then, as I liked the way the books 7-11 have progressed! The only sore point I have is the Sea Folk - something about them just irritates me, though Harine's PoV went some way to fix that. I have read a few series - The main Dragonlance books, Raven chronicles and James Barclay's other short series, so I have at least a little to contrast WoT with... and I wouldn't have the WoT any other way if I'm honest. The OCD comment is a little OTT but I understand the sentiment :p They never grated on me though, I just took them for mannerisms of each character, and as such expected them. Could they have been toned down? Sure. I would argue that it is these little nuances / habits from each character that gives them their charm though. Elayne lifting her chin usually leads to something funny - especially from Mats PoV! One thing I don't like is the implications of cutting down on things like braid pulling, as where do you stop? Would RJ think, 'you know what, I'm not going to describe each room in detail. The carpet is blue, the AS dress is green and Rand doesn't like killing women. Thatll do.' Again, for me the time / space was not wasted - would it be more interesting if Rand was tackling issues that to the readers are prominent, in the short term, yeah. Rushing to sort everything out would mean that the books would be over now most probably though, and for me would have lost its 'epic' feel. Though I get the impression that for some in this thread it already has, and they are reading on hoping for it it to return :D I wouldn't conclude however that the books were deliberately dragged out so they could make more money... but maybe I'm just naive! Regards the Forsaken being fools... I wouldn't go that far :p Sure, they could have handled certain events / schemes better, but showing the Forsaken failing I think is simply a motif of the series - things are not what they always seem, and change comes when it chooses too, not for when youve planned it sorta thing. Fair point, thanks for being our Dark Knight I guess :D Which is part of the point I was making, that I had the 'advantage' that all the books bar 11 were available to me, I didn't have to wait a long time between each book, stewing over it and expecting the same as which books 1-6 provided. If I were to describe books 7-11, they would be like the middle chapter of a film, not a great deal goes on, and you feel its just in the way of the big climatic ending... but if you were to take the middle chapter away the ending would not be the same, and would lose its appeal as there was less invested in it. Hopefully that makes sense! In the context of a thread discussing the 'cheapness' of the OP it doesn't but anywhoo! Completely forgot about that.. which I think sums up why glossing over potential key moments is bad! But yeah, agree wholeheartedly here, was looking forward to see how Mat's memories / Ta'avernness / luck fared here :D Finally! Nihonjin ('go' denotes language, not sure if you know that :p) dewa arimasen. Watashi wa igirisujin desu. ... which is around the point my knowledge of Japanese fails :D But yeah, am learning Japanese at my university, and am going into my 2nd year of it. To contribute something on topic to this thread, I think that the scale of the OP was always going to go up - it was inevitable (look at most anime and its generally the case too!). Is this a bad thing? I would say no, aslong as it remains believable, and is grounded in a reality of sorts. By that I mean what rules etc have gone before are not totally rendered useless by new 'omg just discovered talents.' A tweak on them I feel is fine, anything more and it just wouldn't make sense :p
  18. Off topic to the original post, but the way I view WoT is as a whole series, one continuous tale that has to be broken apart for conveniences / practical reasons, I dont really go through each book going 'good, good, excellent, bad, rubbish, okay, boring' etc. As such, the slower pace to the later books for me is expected, and for me this in no way detracts from the series in the slightest - setting the scene, building up events is needed to establish a connection, building a bond with the characters and adds to the WoT series for me. I would much rather hear extensively about the events with Elayne, Egwene et al first hand, rather than reading Rand muse how Elayne secured the throne with relative ease or Egwene dominated the rebels and moulded the White Tower whole - which to outsiders and those not privy to all the information would seem to be the case. I think some of the hate is more for how long it was 'dragged out' for... For me, this hints that perhaps waiting for so long in between books is the real reason for discontent so I agree with Arkelias comment regards this. An analogy for those in the gaming world would be the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2 when it was considered Half Life: Episode 3 was going to be announced instead and as such the backlash of disappointment magnified the insignificant factors attached with the announcement of Left 4 Dead 2. Tis how I personally feel anyways, and having the luxury of being a latecomer to the WoT series (All but KoD was out, and it was out by the time I'd finished reading them) I think I avoided the disappointment which came from books not centred around Rand. I think to state one way or another how Egwene's adventures affects RJs readership figures without the facts to hand is pointless. There will be those who like it, and those who dislike it. Logically to me, those who dislike it will be more vocal so while the 'the amount of vitriol accumulated about those books could be viewed from space' it would therefore appear that this is the majority view - and reading these forums sometimes I feel every thread dissembles into how they dislike Elayne / Egwene / Perrin. Aside, Arkelias after reading your posts I have to usually doublecheck I am on the WoT forums, given how much you dislike about the series! :p Sure this place is for discussion and an exchanging of views, but you don't exchange views, just constantly reel out how much certain aspects of the books displease you, and how similar things have been handled better in book X and series Y. Maybe this is because WoT is one of the only 'high fantasy' series I've read though. But yeah. The point of me posting this? None per se, just when I see people posting this I feel the need to offer my point of view, as I get the impression that it is considered the norm to dislike Elayne et al - when for reasons I put forward earlier, it is not necessarily the case. Apologies for the essay, I tried to break it up and make it easier to read!
  19. I always took the "Amyrlin" in that Fortelling to really mean Egwene. Yeah, of all the cruel jokes Jordan has played on Elaida, this should turn out to be the best :D I liked Elaidas' Fortelling of the White Tower being whole again and stronger than ever with her beleiving that she would be the Amyrlin and overcome Alviarin in the process, and using this as the core of her conviction when she was having private penance imposed by Alviarin :D Btw, does anyone know where a list of all the Fortellings / Min's viewings / Egwene's Dreams live? Am not great at navigating sites, and don't want to create a new thread about a small thing - and as they were mentioned thought I'd ask!
  20. Am not sure an ashaman could be compelled to make gateways, and I remember Egwene discussing with Rand the philosophy behind Travelling and was abhorred at the idea of 'boring a hole through the pattern' as I think Rand described it, so hinting at the weaves available would not do either... if I'm missing the obvious, enlighten me please :P Attacking from the West seems like a good enough direction for me - but I'm no general! Though the rebel Aes Sedai forces would already be camped at the 'best' places for sieges I guess, so they would either cut a path through them or word of a Seanchan army could possibly help unite the Aes Sedai... if in fact the Seanchan did march on the White Tower. Egwenes dreams hint at certain possibilities, rather than being certain aint they? I may be wrong, but meh its late and I'm waffling!
  21. Was an attempt at humor! Not sure Moiraine speaks the Old Tongue fluently, though I understand that she learned some given her upbringing in the Sun Palace. And Seven of Nine, would you not agree that one of the motifs of the WoT series is that what you think you know is not always what is? Of course, Moiraine being rescued is as near a certain thing as there is, but I still feel I should spout out a fence sitting and desperate - you never know!
  22. I reckon shes been chillaxing ya know, maybe learning the Old Tongue from her captors, possibly even playing a game of Snakes and Foxes or two. They may have even let Moiraine have a sneak at other peoples memories, who knows! I wonder if she comes out with Stockholm syndrome? Where the individual develops a bond with their captors... would make for interesting reading if a little distasteful! *disclaimer* That is of course if she is rescued!
  23. The thread I read was under the structured WoT discussion, in Demandreds very own thread - I only read through a few pages but given the 'evidence' different people presented, they put forward a compelling case. I don't think Graendal would be behind it, she has Arad Doman to sow chaos in and similarly for Mesaana I would think. Moridin it could be, i don't remember coming across anything that suggests one way or another, so unless anyone has anything to counter it, Moridin seems like a feasible option! RJ has stated that we haven't met Demandreds 'persona' as yet, so while he might not be Hurin, he could be controlling him, of course.
  24. Yup, I am fairly certain that a moderator has a tongue in cheek referance to the Towers of Midnight in their signature - so for me that confirms they exist, and cements for me that they are essentially the place Seekers take prisoners for a nice friendly chat.
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