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  1. A few people have mentioned about him 'killing' the Dark One. I personally don't think that is possible, as with Light you need Shadow, and the whole yin-yang philosophy which seems to run parallel to most themes in the book means that something has to stand opposed, or at least be there in opposition to, the Light. What I think this Dragon will do, is seal the Dark One away to such an extent that he won't be able to touch the world at all. In the AoL they hadn't heard of the Dark One and life was idyllic, and I think that will be Rand's 'job' in this age. Then of course comes LTT to seal
  2. Didn't Elan Morin also say he could grant him 'temporary sanity' or something along those lines? I don't think theres proof either way wether or not LTT was sane when he created Dragonmount. Sure, the wording implies that he was sane when he did, but I haven't come across any concrete evidence either way.
  3. A few that made me laugh.. Bashere talking about the crazy general who ordered oak trees cut down, then buried. The Maidens are bantering with another aiel society and they end up rattling there bucklers at each other. What they said made me giggle. Kinda vague, but I remember laughing at it :D Elayne screaming at the top of her lungs when she's confronted by some Sea Folk... tis all about the context! :P Aviendha said that someone was as 'Proud as a Shaido with one goat'. I have no idea why, but that had me in hysterics. Mat always thinking about how much of a bad inf
  4. There's a theory that eventually Perrin will end up akin to Saldaean royalty through Faile, which seems quite plausable - all to do with Min's viewings. Perrin's viewing of "A wolf, and a broken crown, and trees flowering all around him." Coupled with Bashere's viewing being "And there's something...dark...in the images I saw around Lord Davram." Which doesn't sound particularly pleasant... It could of course be anything though! As to the story behind the Broken Crown... I have no idea, and have always wondered about the story behind it.
  5. Not here to contribute to the thread just... Fisher King, is there any way you can not randomly capitalise and make really long thread titles please? I understand I'm not a moderator so you don't have to, but I feel it makes the page look untidy, and it therefore makes my OCD reflex kick in :D For example, this thread title could have been 'My thoughts on who the LoC is'. I don't mean to sound nasty or bitchy or anything, just thought I'd share!
  6. I liked the father and son Gaishan (sp?!) who helped Faile in the Shaido camp, with the son following Faile et al and going to get help! I'm sure many people don't like people who help Faile though :D Is Gaul considered a minor character? Bael's wife too - not the Wise One, (Melandrah?) the Roofmistress (Something beginning with D!) I'm awful with names :D
  7. On the structured discussion section of the forums there is a thread dedicated to Logain in all his glory! I'm not convinced he is a Forsaken or even a 'bad' guy. I think the major issue with most people is Min's viewing of glory in his future and how it is interpreted - some see it as a good thing, others are not so sure and theorize that maybe his 'glory' will come from betraying the Light and helping the Shadow in some way. Many of his reactions I would say are simply because he is a proud man, and Rand is not exactly corteous towards him. Personally, I feel that at the Last Battl
  8. I totally read that the wrong way :o But yeah, I had no idea about the references to characters out of myth / legend until I came here. Does anyone think its a negative thing at all? Personally I don't mind, but have seen people get annoyed as it detracts a little from the characters, making the author appear less original too.
  9. Mother's milk in a cup! Something along those lines, I remember Elayne using it infront of Dylin and being slightly embarassed as it is particularly pungent apparently :P
  10. Haha, well it seems you are all lost causes :D Of course everyone has their own opinions and is entitled to them! I think I will rationalise peoples hatred of characters by surmising that at least they are provoking some kind of reaction - would be much worse if after reading their stories you concluded... 'meh, whatever'.
  11. I can't think of anything I hate about the WoT series. Least of all the DO of their minions, they are pretty cool... I don't necessarily see them as 'evil' per se too. Strange comment I know, and not really sure how to explain it. I mean torturing entire cities ala Semi is not a nice thing, but is only defined as evil by our - i.e the Light's - moral compass. To Semi shes doing research :D And who is to say whose moral compass is the correct one? Hopefully that makes a little sense at least. Oh and by saying 'I can't think of anything I hate about the WoT series' I'm not saying its pe
  12. Hmm. I would say that challenging someone is a sign of respect - it shows that they are on an equal footing, and are comfortable enough to say whats on their mind rather than shying away. Not that I think Min does this, she's told him many times that hes a woolheaded sheepherder :p I voted for Elayne, mainly due to her hair, as I imagine it, to be the closest to ginger in the books and I heart ginger hair :p Nah, I feel that in political terms, shes a good match as she can bring the support on Andor to his cause. Also, I see Elayne as a character who would be able to hold her own at
  13. I'm not sure what you're trying to acheive with this post? I'm fairly certain that he knows it was a joke and was merely commenting on it... On topic Sevanna, and the multitude of ways her bosom is described. Interesting how females are dislking Berelain, I wonder why! *cough* rudewordquestioninghermoralcompassregardssexualintercourse *cough*
  14. What kind of series do you want WoT to be? :o Tales of Perrin, Rand and Mat shagging their way across the world, sowing their wild oats before choosing who they fall in love with? While I'm here I'll reiterate that I don't understand the Faile / Perrin hate - why read a book with elements you profess to hate? Rhetorical question :D
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