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  1. Eye of the World was my favorite to date. I liked the concentrated story lines more so than having the six different characters to read through personally. It was book 6 that got me into the series thanks to the bargain bin, but Eye got me hooked.
  2. Just one quick point. Cadsuane pointed out that the sword was faulty and must be used in a linked circle with women to protect him, but I can't remember if it mentioned that the woman must lead. The sword was used without problems in a circle fighting the forsaken while Rand was cleansing saidin. That was the reason I had him linking. To be fair, I would have gotten rid of cadsuane before min ever had her viewing, ignorance is bliss and all ;D Her inside the tower might do that yes, but her plan was to convert the chain and get back out and continue the siege. Capturing the leader would have taken the backbone out of the tower sisters and made the negotiations easier. Once she has the tower she still has a long road to unite them again with blues and reds at odds, plus the damage that was done through Alvarian(sp) acting as keeper. The sisters in the tower walked around as if they were fighting each other as it was. The sooner she was in the tower, the sooner she could try to patch up things. This is true, but I don't remember the band or mat ever spending time in Andor. Though there are an awful lot of pigeons in the land. Maybe put them more than a few miles back and she could have played the fool and claimed the army ran into them and decided to fight ;D Yea, I just didn't have much to offer with her and wanted to come up with something. She seemed to fall off in importance during the later books. Even when she helped Rand there wasn't much told in her PoV. I would have still cleansed saidin so the insanity would be gone. Now possibly losing the last battle might be a different story, but I wouldn't be insane heh. I'll have to take your word on it, but I didn't recall seeing anything that said the captured aes sedai couldn't be used with the army. Do tell, that was the whole reason for the post.
  3. So as usual when reading the books, well any books, I always picture what I would have done differently as the character. So here's a few things I came up with 1. Egwene - She knew how to mask the ability to channel, travel, and disguise herself. I would have traveled into the white tower masked and in disguise, used the power to bind Elaida and travel away back to the camp. Risky, but I think I could have pulled it off without too many problems. If it didn't break the tower sisters, keep it up until they do. I'd put a few sisters with the army to try and cut off the sneak attacks, a few barriers of air going around them and you got yourself some prisoners. 2. Mat - I would have leashed Tuon just to see her reaction after she tried to use the leashed aes sedai on him when they were in the wagon. I would have tried to get some oaths from the Aes Sedai he was rescuing to follow my orders while they remained with him since he knows they usually try to take over whenever they can 3. Elyane - If she was looking for mercenaries, she knew about Mat's army. I would have sent word to Egwene asking for them. That gives her at least some trustworthy mercs. I also would have done an offensive using gateways, but then I wouldn't have cared too much about not shedding too much blood to capture them as she did. Drop the Red Hand about a few miles behind the camp outside town while bringing a small force out of the gate to get their attention and it's over. Or knowing that Egwene can enter people's dreams, I would have asked her to try to find Gwayn and get him to start the trek back to take over his role as First Prince. 4. Perrin - Tough for the group he had as they are all hotheads, but grab a few white robes with an ashaman, travel into the water area, go find faile and crew, travel out the next day. He never seemed too worried about actually trying to break the shaido, just get faile out. 5. Rand - I would have just tossed cadsuane no matter what min said, mostly because her character annoys me. I probably would have also listened to Logain a bit more and checked up on the black tower, especially since he never sounded too trusting of Taim as it was. Also, I would have been quizzing the sworn sisters if it was possible to release a warder and then command Alanna to release me once I found out. I would have also used the sworn sisters to link with and use the tear sword that wasn't a sword to pretty much wipe away the seachan but that would have killed a lot of story lines. If he was directing the flows, it shouldn't be any problem with the 3 oaths as the captured aes sedai haven't had a problem being used as weapons with the sul'dam. 6. Nynaeve - She can travel, Lan is with her, and I forgot the name of the sister who has his bond but she is with Egwene. Travel to the camp, grab the sister and get his bond and then you can go back to whatever you were doing. That covers most of the main characters. These would make for a lot less interesting read, but it's what I would have done. Anyone else ever think about these things? Hope I didn't butcher names too bad. I went from memory as all my stuff is packed up to move soon. And gotta add, glad I found this place. It's amazing how much some of you have dissected these books. I've caught a few things here and there, but a lot of these threads are great to read. Plus it saved me from not missing the news on the next book date.
  4. ah, well there goes that bit of thought. Should have waited a few days and I would have found it out once I started WH again.
  5. Hello all, I've never really paid too much attention to some of the hidden information in the books but I've been reading through here a bit as I'm going through the books again and something kind of caught my attention. I tried searching to see if it was mentioned anywhere else, but I didn't notice it. In Path of Daggers, New Alliances, how did Sorilea figure out traveling to pass on to Cadsuane? The sisters sent to meet Rand from the rebel camp had left before Egwene figured it out and the only other non Forsaken/male that I can remember that knew it was Alvarian. I don't recall it being mentioned in a dreamwalker meeting, though I guess it is possible and one of those things that is just taken for granted. It just seems like if the Wise Ones and the Aes Sedai that swore oath knew about traveling already, they would have kept a better eye on Rand using Alanna's bond. I'm just curious as to how she found this out as there wasn't any mention of it being passed along that I saw. My first guess was maybe a black ajah in the captured group, but there's always the sucker punch dark friend for an out of the blue twist. Feel free to dissect my limited knowledge if I missed something from earlier books ;D
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