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  1. Eye of the World was my favorite to date. I liked the concentrated story lines more so than having the six different characters to read through personally. It was book 6 that got me into the series thanks to the bargain bin, but Eye got me hooked.
  2. Just one quick point. Cadsuane pointed out that the sword was faulty and must be used in a linked circle with women to protect him, but I can't remember if it mentioned that the woman must lead. The sword was used without problems in a circle fighting the forsaken while Rand was cleansing saidin. That was the reason I had him linking. To be fair, I would have gotten rid of cadsuane before min ever had her viewing, ignorance is bliss and all ;D Her inside the tower might do that yes, but her plan was to convert the chain and get back out and continue the siege. Capturing the
  3. So as usual when reading the books, well any books, I always picture what I would have done differently as the character. So here's a few things I came up with 1. Egwene - She knew how to mask the ability to channel, travel, and disguise herself. I would have traveled into the white tower masked and in disguise, used the power to bind Elaida and travel away back to the camp. Risky, but I think I could have pulled it off without too many problems. If it didn't break the tower sisters, keep it up until they do. I'd put a few sisters with the army to try and cut off the sneak attacks, a few
  4. ah, well there goes that bit of thought. Should have waited a few days and I would have found it out once I started WH again.
  5. Hello all, I've never really paid too much attention to some of the hidden information in the books but I've been reading through here a bit as I'm going through the books again and something kind of caught my attention. I tried searching to see if it was mentioned anywhere else, but I didn't notice it. In Path of Daggers, New Alliances, how did Sorilea figure out traveling to pass on to Cadsuane? The sisters sent to meet Rand from the rebel camp had left before Egwene figured it out and the only other non Forsaken/male that I can remember that knew it was Alvarian. I don't recall it
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