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  1. I can really see Meryl Streep as Graendal. I've been wracking my brain trying to think of someone to play Perrin. My boys and I have gotten into this discussion several times and have even seen that video before. My youngest is of the opinion that all the major characters should be played by unknowns. I pretty much agree with him although I can't think of a good way to say it. It's something along the lines of why some actors who've played the same character for a while (think Harry Potter) get typecast and have a hard time finding different roles. Does that make sense? That being said, I just love sitting and wondering which well-known actors would be best to play which characters.
  2. Fnorrll, was there a link on the first post? I was able to click on that and it took me to the video. I'm sure my son will be getting this since he has all the others, looks like a winner to me!!
  3. I hear you Millon, about the FB games, my daughter and daughter-in-law each sucked me into one and they're driving me nuts! If it's not candy, it's dragons! lol Yep, my avi is my mithra alter ego, Izaboe. Haven't played for a while though, I've got a large project I've been working on that's been taking up a lot of my time. I work in an insurance office, had to get relicensed when I started back up after Shanghai. I got back to the states in September of 2010 and was lazy and didn't work for a while. That's just not me, so when my boss asked me if I was interested in coming back, I did. So now I sit at the same desk and wonder if the last 7 years really happened... It surprised me just how many people missed me while I was gone. One gal in particular, after hearing my voice on the phone, came into the office to give me a great, big hug! Made my day for sure! I am attracted by cover art as well. I really like the covers that Darrell Sweet did for WoT and was sorry that he passed before he could finish the cover for the last book. I didn't really look at the cover of AMoL since I was listening to it rather than actually reading. He did some of the Recluse covers if I'm not mistaken. I read a few books of that series, as well as the Legend of Drizzt, Sword of Truth, Ghatti's Tales and the Riftwar Saga.
  4. Ummm...that would be me....and I think I still have my head. I had planned on being here yesterday but DM wouldn't let me in! But today it likes me so here I am. You warders are very interesting, Reminds me of Loial talking about how humans are so hasty, running about all the time... I am Isaboe, 'Boe' to my housemates. Hi Kronos!!! I am a mother and grandmother and I love being around younger people. I do a lot of things with my boys. While I was living in Shanghai, the older boys were still in the states. We kept in touch by playing MMORPG's together. I loved it when the boys would call me mom. The reactions we'd get were hilarious. "Your mom plays?" "OMG, I wish my mom played." were the two most common. We still play together once in a while, but now I see them pretty much on a daily basis. I've read the first books about 5 or 6 times, always doing a reread before the next one came out. I started reading them while in Shanghai where books in English, fantasy books anyway, were hard to come by. Did a lot of buying from Amazon back then. That was probably around 2006. I don't read them so much as listen since I love audio books and the readers for the series are the best! As I was reading through this thread a question occurred to me, how much impact does the cover of a book have on wether you read it or not? Is there something on the cover that you look for? Or does it not matter? I know there was something else I was going to say, I think it was a question I was going to answer, but having been interrupted several times during this post (I'm at work) I've forgetten. When I get home I'll read over it again and see what I missed. Laters Warders!
  5. Yeah, I know we've talked in many different places, and your commitment actually inspires me Talt. I was especially impressed when you or raised and how welcoming and active you are inside WT/W SG. I am really impressed you to all your requirements done in 30 minute segments. I get distracted and wander around too much, it seems. I think I tend to be a "feast or famine" kind of member, but discipline to steady interaction on a few threads seems realistic and key. Thanks or the feedback, Talt! I know exactly what you mean about the 'feast or famine thing'. Also, being ADD doesn't help at all. I'm new here also and the ideas here are really helping out. Thanks for starting the thread Guy!!
  6. I was thinking Aes Sedai from Illian. The first part is for sure, just seeing which country would best fit me.
  7. Thanks for the welcome Kronos. I am indeed looking forward to doing some RP, soon I hope. I have dug out my copy of "The World of Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time" to do some research on my character. I have decided on what I want to do and am now working on a bio and some background story. I am almost hesitant to start listening to the last book on Tuesday because I know it's the last one and it'll all be over. I think that's what drew me to DM; I don't want it to BE over and here it won't. It will continue on as long as there are people here who are just as much in love with the world that Robert Jordan as I am.
  8. Thanks Ayla. I'm enjoying every minute. I've been doing a lot of research before starting on the RP, can't wait!
  9. I spent 4 1/2 years in Shanghai, going home twice a year. Never would have made the flights without MK and KR since I'm horribly claustrophobic.
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